Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where the Past Will Take US: Kiya Babzani of Self Edge

Eugene Kan caught up with the authority of all things vintage and all things denim, Mr. Kiya Babzani. Kiya has collide with success on more than one occasion laying the ground work for some of the most intriguing business ventures. I guess you could say it began with a love for yo-yo's founding Anti-Yo in 2005. If you have never seen a 24 karat gold yo-yo check out The Gouda. From a strange obsession for yo-yo's some how evolved Turf, a sneaker spot in San Mateo. All that aside you probably know him best for his high-end Japanese denim empire Self Edge. Aside from a booming online presence, Self Edge boost a growing retail empire which calls San Francisco and more recently New York home. If you have ever wanted to sit down with a true entrepreneur and pick his brain this interview covers just about everything you would want to ask this rockabilly fanatic. Kiya what I do want to know is your thoughts on a world without Internet and what you think you would be doing if the internet didn't exist?