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World Cup | Prohibited Items

A few a months ago I was fortunate enough to spend a couple weeks in Cape Town, South Africa. I took a little drive over to Green Point Stadium, one of the sites of this years FIFA World Cup.

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on tickets there are a few things you need to be aware of. The following is not permit within any of the venues (you think?):

a) weapons of any kind;

b) anything that could be used as a weapon or to cut, thrust or stab, or as a projectile, in particular long umbrellas and other unwieldy implements;

c) bottles, cups, jugs or cans of any kind as well as other objects made from PET, glass or any other fragile, non-shatterproof or especially tough material or Tetrapak packaging, hard cooler boxes;

d) fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke canisters, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnics;

e) alcoholic beverages of any kind, narcotics or stimulants;

f) racist, xenophobic cause, charity or ideological concern related materials, including but not limited to banners, signs, symbols and leaflets, objects or clothing, which could impair the enjoyment of the Event by other spectators,
or detract from the sporting focus of the Event;

g) flagpoles or banner poles of any kind. Only flexible plastic poles and so-called double-poles that do not exceed 1 metre in length and 1 cm in diameter and which are not made of inflammable material are permitted;

h) banners or flags larger than 2m x 1m50. Smaller flags and banners are permitted provided that they are made from material which is deemed "of low flammability" and complies with national regulations and standards;

i) any sort of animals;

j) any promotional or commercial, materials, including but not limited to banners, signs, symbols and leaflets, or any kind of promotional or commercial objects, material and clothing;

k) gas spray cans, corrosive, flammable substances, dyes or receptacles containing substances which are harmful to health or are highly flammable. Standard pocket cigarette lighters are permitted;

l) unwieldy objects such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, paperboard containers, large bags, rucksacks, suitcases and sports bags. "Unwieldy" is given to mean all objects which are larger than 25cmx25cmx25cm and which cannot be stowed under the seat in the Stadium;

m) large quantities of paper and/or rolls of paper;

n) mechanically-operated instruments which produce an excessive volume of noise such as megaphones, hooters or gas-powered horns. Unbranded vuvuzelas are not considered Prohibited Items;

o) laser pointers;

p) cameras (except for private use and then only with one set of replacement or rechargeable batteries), video cameras or other sound or video recording equipment;

q) computers or other devices used for the purposes of transmitting or disseminating sound, pictures, descriptions or results of the events via the internet or other forms of media; and

r) other objects which could compromise public safety and/or harm the reputation of the Event as assessed at the sole discretion of the FIFA World Cup Authorities.

And I guess no helmets?

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SNL Parody | Puke In My Mouth

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rides | Q-VR Range Rover

Design Q is probably best known for their innovative private jet designs and concepts - concepts where a morphing lear jet fuselage double as a deck and patio. The luxury transport company has broadened their horizons moving into automotive as well as marine concepts.

This go around features an embellished 2007 Range Rover with all the amenities of a private jet liner. From the cigar humidor to drink chiller this Rover brings all the amenities of first class air travel.

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Drake | Find Your Love Video

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Rob Roy | King Warrior Magician Lover Download

The unique hip-hop inspired sound of Rob Roy is finally available for download. I am sure you remember seeing the 'Fur In My Cap' video back in April of last year in partnership with Alife. Fortunate enough to see him perform late last year I can confirm that this is one musician to follow closely. And if your musical tastes are anything like mine 'Rollercoaster Baby' will be on repeat come the end of the day.


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Jay-Z | 'Off That' Issues and Concerns

08 Off That (Feat. Drake)

Don't get me wrong here, I consider myself a pretty big Jay fan both as a musician and a business man. Jay's a renaissance man that didn't just beat the odds by leaving Marcy Housing Projects behind but the fact that he has since gone on to make Forbes Celebrity list. Think about that for a second. He is a musical genius, his track record proves it and his entrepreneurial endeavors support the fact that he knows how to make serious money whether off of CEO salary, sports team ownership, or his Armadale Vodka.

I have talked to a lot of people about The Blue Print 3 and most times I have been met with mixed emotions. I personally enjoyed it. In fact I had it going all this week on my drive to work. One of my favourite tracks, no make that musical arrangements, is 'We Off That'. Produced by Jerome Harmon and unfortunately Timbaland (or as my mom calls him "weird eyes" - watch any video and you'll understand). Anyways the track features a catchy beat and a Drake chorus but when it comes to lyrical content I think Jay might have been a bit lost. Or confused about what he still likes. I get the concept: Jay's a trend setter and well ahead of the curve and we the average person are all lusting after his sloppy seconds (which may be true). Listening to these particular lyrics though I had to laugh.

Welcome to the Future,
Blue Print 3
Ay count me in
Find me a nice soft place to land
I'm so high
Find me a place to land,
Yeah right there,

Issues and Concerns: Yes you were high when you jotted down these lyrics.


I'm so tomorrow,
The Audemars are yesterday,
Which means your on time delay,
So even if i slow it doooown,
My sound is fast forward, hold up

Issues and Concerns: Audemar Piguet is a well respect and expensive Swiss watch maker founded in 1875 by a 23-year-old Jules-Louis Audemars and 21 year old Edward-Auguste Piguet. And for you HBO fanatics it was the watch that Ari Gold receives as a promo gift from John Ellis (the fictional chariman of the parent company that owns Warner Bros). My first concern is that the brand has with stood the test of time so they must be doing something right. I mean they have been selling high end watches for over 125 years and if memory serves correct, which it does, reached out to Jay in 2005. They felt that no other artist had contributed so much in a 10 year period and wanted to mark the occasion with an anniversary wristwatch. Jay accepted and co-designed the commemorative piece with 100 timepieces being produced including stainless steel, pink gold and platinum versions (LiquidMag). Maybe Jay didn't feel the brand was relevant today and that $40,000 wristwatches are rubbish, but I don't understand how you can toss a brand under the bus that has nothing but the outmost respect for him. A company that has understood his impact on the music industry and honored him for it. I mean the Geneva based company even donated a portion of proceeds from the watch sales to Jay's S. Carter Scholarship Fund.


I'm just a runway show
But I wear this on my plane in my runway clothes,
Cashmere sweats they come out next year
But these my last year sweats,

Issues and Concerns: Now I will give credit where credit is due. Jay does have good style. But if I am not mistaken Rocawear was his baby that he was at the helm for for 8 years. It made $700 million in sales a year. To good to let go as Jay oversees the marketing, licensing and product development. But his Cargo Pants (featuring lower leg zip vents) are 40% off and I don't think anyone outside of my grandpa wears cargo pants anymore and I don't think that is by choice.

Secondly, were cashmere sweats ever relevant? I mean maybe for women who shop at Neiman Marcus but I think everyone is off those because they are marked down to $58. Maybe some designers had a little pow wow and decided they could make a push to fool us but we were never on that and if you were on that - someone should scissor kick you upside the head.

And my hoe so sick, your new chick can't f-ck with my old b-tch,
And you know this sh-t,
I’m professional, they novices,
I just may let you borrow this,
This the Blueprint n-gga follow this,
This what what tomorrow is,
Welcome to tomorrow b—–tch,

Issue and Concerns: Now I know Jay loved his Mother very much. Judging by "November 4th" off of the Black Album its evident family was and is important to Jay. But if I refered to my ladyfriend as a hoe I would have another thing coming from Mary and I assure you it is not good.

[Drake - Chorus]
Whatever you about to discover we off that
You about to tell her you love her we off that,
Always wanna fight in the club and we off that,
But you can’t bring the future back,
Ya’ll steady chasing the fame we off that,
Oversized clothes and chains we off that,
N-gga still making it rain and we off that,
Cos you can’t bring the future back,
Tell n-ggas top get off me,
Cris we off that,
Timbs we off that,
Rims we off that,

Issues and Concerns: Man the chorus is loaded with concerns and I am not sure if Jay or Drake is to blame. So here is a quick break down. Regarding the oversized clothes and chains. I assume Jay was talking about Jesus piece like chains and not hotel chains or clubs persay. Cause if he was I am pretty sure there was talk of a J-Hotel chain and I would consider six 40/40 locations as a chain. And we know he isn't off that cause he just hit Big Papi with a $5 million lawsuit for 40/40 infringement. As for the chains that might appear around your neck I will get to that in a moment. Second up, thanks to a nice analysis from our friends at Complex if anything we would think Jay was addicted to rims. And if he is off rims I am concerned for his mental state of mind and I quote - "The next time you see the homie and his rims spin Just know my mind is working just like them (the rims that is)". Third thing up is the Timbs concern. I personally think they make some great footwear. And I don't think I'm alone. As of today Timberland stocks were at a 52 week high closing 2.6% above yesterdays closing and 59.1% since September 2009. Since when did Jay not like making money? On top of that Timberland is or was owned by Iconix the parent of Rocawear. This is so confusing. The only rational explanation is he meant producer TImbaland and with that I will agree. Oh and that photo above was taken a couple days ago at Coachella - oversized clothes (we off that) and Timbs (we off that).


Yeah We off that is you still on that,
If you still making money cos we still on that,
This ain’t black versus white my n-gga we off that,
Please tell Bill O Reilly to fall back,
Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls,
Its 2010 not 1864 ,
Ah yeh we come so far,

Issues and Concerns: Surprisingly this is where I, for a moment, have no issues. You confirm my suspicion that you still enjoy counting your stacks. We off racism, agreed. Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh were out of line with their comments. So let's further the movement of getting of racism and eliminate the Nbomb.

So I drive around town hard top and its off
Ah and my tribeca loft with my high brow art
And my high yellow broad
Ah and my dark skin sis and my best white mate
Say whats up to Chris,
Ah, hows that for a mix,

Issues and Concerns: Here is where Jay doesn't have any issue. He is enjoying the finer things in life. His hard top off, Tribeca loft, high yellow broad (high yellow is a term coined at the end of the 19th Century for very light skinned African Americans), his sister and best white mate Chris. So if you are considering getting a hard top, Tribeca spot, dating a light skinned beauty like Beyonce or getting a white friend named Chris don't do it cause you just discovered it so Jay's about to be off that. Looks like I am about to lose a lot of friends.

Got a black president,
Got green presidents,
Blueprints in my white ipod,
Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, My God,
Ah we aint tripping off that,
Its a Benetton ad, n-gga been up off that

Issues and Concerns: Jay we be off white iPods those are so 2001. And Jay led me to believe earlier that he was not interested in chains but he has black diamonds in his Jesus piece? But yes the Benetton Ad's were whack.

I dont give a fidduuck, abiddout the widday,
You used to move, what you used to do,
And I dont give a fidduuck abiddout the b-tches
That you used to screw
What your future do,
And we don’t really care what you used to say,
Unless that affects your future pay,
I'm on the practice field running two a day,

Issues and Concerns: A lot of people had a lot of important things to say over the course of history that didn't generate and future pay. And if he is on the practice field running two a day's he has a great athletic work ethic. Maybe this is a metaphor. I heard these are a large part of most rap songs these days.

So I don’t drop the ball when its threw my way,
So I don’t a fidduck abiddout the sh-t that
You probably did,
Who you probably is,
The only time I deal in past tense
Is I’m past rims,
And i’m past tints,
If you driving it i drove it,
You got it cos i sold it,
You copped it and I bought it back,
And we don’t give a fidduck n-gga we off that.

Issues and Concerns: I have no more issues with Jay instead I have issues that I made supper over 2 hours ago and still haven't eaten it. So Jay this is the only track that had me a bit taken I wish you nothing but continued success. And if you haven't checked out the Blue Print 3 yet, heaven forbid, I highly recommend it.

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Architecture | Robert M. Cain and Steve Lazar

As of late it seems I am spending more time on blogs like ArchPlanner and ChicTip scouring posts and posts of captivating and stunning architecture. After a few weeks of wasted time I think that in the scenario where I win a lottery or sign some sort of recording contract my first call would be to Robert M. Cain or Steve Lazar to build my dream house. Both architects are beyond talented and honestly I think I could study these compositions, balance and lines all day.


Robert M. Cain is an architect based in Atlanta, GA. His work has received world wide recognition and accolades.

This particular house, known as the RainShine House, is a 2,800 sq. foot modern styled home erected in Decatur, Georgia. The project was the recipient of a Platinum LEED award for Eco-Friendly construction.

One of the key features of the design is the Butterfly Roof. It is designed to capture rainfall for a rain harvest system located in the basement. The home is oriented to maximize southern exposure with a roof mounted photovoltaic system.

Check out the mastery of the interior and his many other works here.

Lazar Design / Build is based in Manhattan Beach. The particular design that caught my attention is their Lifeguard Tower Residence. The design is based on the classic architecture of old guard towers and the coast of Maine and Cape Cod.

The four bedroom, three bath 3,400 sq meters residence and the interior is seconds from Manhattan Beach. The interior cascades with white pine, stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops.

I particular like how Steve Lazar made use of the narrow lot and the attention to detail in-particular the lighting chosen that adds to the aesthetically charged home.

And let's not over look the view from the rooftop. I probably would never leave either of these homes.

Things I've Picked Up Along The Way | Failure

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Ronnie Fieg X Sebago | Dockside Collection for David Z

Ronnie Fieg and David Z are at it again this time revealing a Spring/Summer Sebago Dockside Collection that brings together some stunning leathers complimenting one of the most respected footwear brands in the world. The hand sewn boat shoes will be served in a black leather and grey nubuck. The shoes feature the rawhide laces, leather sock lining and moccasin single piece leather construction for maximum comfort.

You better believe that I am throwing everything on eBay tonight so I can put some money down on these - assuming they last.

Available now at David Z for $80 USD.

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Tuesday's Chill Track | "Memories" David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi

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Supreme NYC | J. Rocc for Supreme 'Take 2'

Supreme is set to release a 304 page collection of photographs and interviews with Rizzoli New York. The book documenting the brands 16 year history including projects with Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Public Enemy and Lou Reed, interviews with Kaws and James Jebbia as well as contributions from GQ's Glenn O’Brien and aNYthing's Aaron Bondaroff. The Supreme Edition of the publication will be sold on April 20th, 2010 through Supreme Flagships and website but will also see a release through Amazon on April 27th.

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FUCT | Starter Snapback Collection

Seems that we have gone full circle and are taking a step away from the fitteds and usher back in the era of the snapback. In my humble opinion I'm excited especially with the return of Starter. The brand itself has had an interested past. Founded in 1971 in New Haven, Connecticut the Starter brand was born. During the 1980s Starter pretty much ran the show partnering with the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. The brand went belly up in 1999 but the Starter name was purchased in 2004 by Nike for something like $43 million (including everyone's favourite footwear brands Shaq and Dunkman). Nike would hold the brand for a few years before selling it in 2007 to the Iconix Brand Group whose umbrella of companies included Bongo, Joe Boxer, London Fog, Mossimo, Rocawear, Skechers and Ecko.

Now Fuct isn't the first brand to revive the best fitting snapback. Supreme, Mighty Healthy, Cool Cats and Undefeated are just a few who have turned to the once iconic brand. Fuct will release three colorways which appear to be drawn from the Giants, Lakers and Raiders featuring the a traditional FUCT logo.

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Tuesday's Chill Track | "Over" - Drake

So I’m riding through the city with my high beams on
Can you see me? Can you see me? Get your Visine on.

Thank Me Later in stores June 15, 2010.

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Things I've Picked Up Along The Way | Happiness

Element's 'Make It Count' | Chad Muska

Last year Kirk Dianda put together a four-part documentary entitled 'Make It Count: The Element Story'. The feature walks through the story behind iconic skate brand Element. To accompany the documentary Element recently released a 200-page book filled to the brim with photography documenting the 20 history of the brand and some of the pivotal points along the way. The book is an collection of adverts, unreleased photos, graphics and behind the scene snapshots. During the filming of the documentary Amber B Dianda captured some great shots of some of the people that have helped secure Element as one of the most pioneers of the skate and street industry.

Along the way Amber and the film crew caught up with skate legend and artist Chad Muska in his Soho residence. I never really got into skateboarding growing up but was always fascinated by boardgraphics, pro skaters and culture surrounding the sport. I wanted to skate but co-ordination to put together anything always eluded me.

My first skate related purchase growing up was a Chad Muska patch that found its way onto a navy Fruit of the Loom hoodie that I wore until it had holes. It was a nice alternative to the comparable Shorty's hood that was about four times as much. I guess at the time I considered myself innovative. I think my fascination with The Muska started around 1998, I was 12 and a friend of mine had managed to get his hands on Shorty's Fufill The Dream. The long haired, cut off wearing Muska had a 7 minture part that killed. I mean dude skated with a ghetto blaster. I was fortunate enough to meet and chat with Chad this past Harold Hunter Day and I can honestly say this guy is one of the most down to earth dudes I have ever met. Signed autos for about an hour until every kid at the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark had his.

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Wednesday Recommended Reading

It's safe to say that the last two or three weeks have lacked some sufficient content. I recently started a new job that has taken away from the countless hours I used to post up in front of my Macbook mashing refresh on over flowing Vienna. So in the absences of some good quality content I encourage you to check out some of our favourite blogs.

Hypebeast editor and Hong Kong resident Eugene Kan started a self titled solo project this past year. The site was a platform to explore a more personal approach to blogging. A very well connected individual the site features some really great content that you won't likely find anywhere else. One of my favourite features is the regular "Link Dump", which is an eclectic collection of some of the most intriguing articles and videos on the internet ranging from industry relevant articles to obscure WTF content. Eugene is also busy curating "Day Job? - The Photo Exhibition" which opens this Friday in Hong Kong. The show, organized by Kan, will benefit the International Center of Photography. The show features photos by Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Jon Warren (Vans), Neek (Stussy), and Ephraim Chiu (Capita Snowboarding).Details. @EugeneKan

If you are looking for some intriguing photography look no further than The Angry Penguin. Brendan McInerney recently made the move to the Big Apple to pursue the world of photography. At the moment he is working with Ray and Denis over at Mighty Healthy as a Photographer/Designer. The shots are sort of dispersed amongst two sites with some great spontaneous party recap shots on his blog Vanity Loves Company, and his uncanny ability to capture photos of meticulous composition over at The Angry Penguin. Laura Austin over at Rad Collector caught up with Brendan recently so if you have a minute check it out.

Doobybrain is pretty much your one stop shop for everything related to anything. From music, fashion, art, pop culture or the latest viral video. The blog was started in 2002 by New York based photographer Herman Yung. Herman is usually two steps up on every other blog in his content and probably averages 10 posts a day so check in often. But don't hate me when you look up at the clock and realize that you have lost an hour of your life. @Doobybrain

Raised by Wolves is a Canadian based clothing line/blog and brain child of Peter Williams. The Ottawa based brand appears to be on the back burner which is unfortunate as the tight knit collection is pretty rad. Although I am sure Pete has his hands full editing the content you see over at Highsnobiety. The blog is pretty much random photographs that Pete comes across during his days trying to track down the next big HS post. @Petebeast


Enjoy your Wednesday. If you have any recommended reading we are always down to hear about some quality sites. Hit us up life.after.midnight@hotmail.com or @LAMBlog.

Today's Useless But Impressive Lesson | Card Throwing

Tuesday's Chill Track | "Compliments" - Band of Horses

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Nike | The Secret Behind Nike Air

With the help of actor David Koechner (Talladega Nights and Anchorman fame) Nike put out this little viral joint revealing the secret behind Nike's Air Cushioning Technology. The air comfort and cushioning system was initially developed in 1979 and served as the midsole cushioning in their running shoes. It was later adapted and made visible in 1987 in the Air Max 1 and has gone on to be key components in the Air Max 90/95, Air Max Light and Air Max 360. The video features the likes of Nike athletes Paul Rodriguez, Maria Sharapova, Troy Polamalu, Carl Lewis, John McEnroe.

Finally the truth behind Nike's coveted air cushioning system.

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Ransom Holding Co. x Adidas | "The Bluff" and "The Pier"

Two short video lookbooks have surfaced promoting two of the four signature silhouettes: The Bluff and The Pier. The two shoes will compliment The Creek and The Valley Lo to comprise the Ransom by Adidas footwear collection. Spring/Summer 2010 will mark the second season of the Ransom x Adidas partnership. No release date but we will keep you up to date.

Music: Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)

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Ronnie Fieg X ASICS GEL LYTE III | Salmon Toe

Sneaker connoisseur Ronnie Fieg is likely best known for his sneaker design and partnerships for David Z. Ronnie has put together over 50 footwear collaborations for footwear store including collabs with Adidas, Sebago, Red Wings, Clarks, Saucony, New Balance and Asics.

Ronnie is giving away another sample pair of Asics Gel Lyte III's that never made it into production. These one off Salmon Toes Asics are comprised of a navy upper with white and salmon accents. It's a shame that these never made it into production but Ronnie is offering these size 9's to one lucky Twitter follower on April 4th.

"Keeping these to myself would be a sin so for my third giveaway one of my lucky Twitter followers will win a pair of “Salmon Toe” Gel lyte iii’s. Once again these are a 1 of 1 sample and are the only pair in existence. This pair is made of high grade nubuck, leather and pig skin and is a sample size 9."

To enter the contest all you gotta do is follow Ronnie Fieg on twitter and tweet the following: “Follow @RonnieFieg to win the RF x Salmon Toe Asics sample, brought to you by RonnieFieg.com”

These are bar none one of the best sneakers we have season this year.

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Sean Desmond | The Tenderloin Project Show

Back in November we did a little post on The Tenderloin Project expressing our 10 cents on the concept and project. Now a few months later the first official showing of the project will take place April 9th at the Medicine Agency in San Francisco.The premise of The Tenderloin Project:

The Tenderloin Project is an ongoing artistic endeavor focused on one of San Francisco’s most marginalized neighborhoods, The Tenderloin. Utilizing the interactive mediums of photography and film, we aim to capture a compelling and honest portrait of this diverse community.

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Primitive | Spring 2010 Collection

I must admit that I was surprisingly impressed with Primitive's Spring 2010 collection and no it wasn't because the look book featured Shay Maria.

The Primitive Spring '10 lineup consists of a strong cast ranging from tees, snapbacks, skate decks and crew neck sweaters. The lineup is really a pretty steady blend of design aesthetics relecting classic Coup De Grace, Mishka and Diamond Supply Co aesthetics that are likely to appeal to an array of tastes.

You have your photo tee for the Tits fan (and for the record Tits is whack), you have your biker-esqe patch crew and tee which is actually one of my personal favourites that seems to be popular this spring (Mishka/Rebel8). You'll also find the Red Cup Crew clothing that is likely to appeal to the party goer college kid and aside from having something for everyone the price reflects this mentality with tees starting around $27, crews $44, decks $55 and snapbacks $28.

17060 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91316

Benny Gold | Grand Opening Party

The first Benny Gold retail store in San Francisco will open its doors in three weeks time, April 17th to be exact. The day will feature skateboarding, live music, some taco truck action and will feature the release of Spring/Summer as well as some in-store exclusives. So if you're in the Bay area make your way to the Mission District and pop in at 3171 21st Street.

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Asher Roth x DJ Wreckineyez | Seared Fois Gras With Quince & Cranberry

Behold the latest and greatest from Asher Roth. Ok, maybe not the greatest but a nice little follow up to his previous mixtape 'The Greenhouse Effect' and debut album 'Asleep In The Bread Aisle'. Roth joins forces with DJ Wreckineyez for a food themed mixtape featuring beats by 9th Wonder, Kanye West, Jake One, Just Blaze, Pharrell and Dilla. Sounds like a win win. Hopefully it fills the void until dinner.

01. Asher Roth – Muddy Swim Trunks (served by Madlib)
02. Asher Roth – Toni Braxton (served by RZA)
03. Asher Roth – Pubic Garden (served by Pharrell)
04. Asher Roth – Vagitables (served by 9th Wonder)
05. Asher Roth – Fuck The Money (served by Kanye West)
06. Asher Roth – What Up Truck (served by Jake One)
07. Asher Roth – Trash Minutes (served by J. Dilla)
08. Asher Roth – Ash & Dem (served by J. Dilla)
09. Asher Roth – Con-fid-ence (served by Kanye West)
10. Asher Roth – I’m Eddy (served by Heatmakers)
11. Asher Roth – Rik Smits (served by Just Blaze)
12. Asher Roth – Fuck Your Ringtone Dog (served by J. Dilla)
13. Asher Roth – Hot Wangs (served by Will.I.Am)
14. Asher Roth – Diamond Girl (served by Ryan Leslie)
15. Asher Roth – Cumbaya (served by Timaland)
16. Asher Roth – Calling Me (served by Younglord)
17. Asher Roth – Heallafaded (served by Chad Hamilton)
18. Asher Roth – Sour Patch Kids Remix (served by Travis Barker)

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 - Johnny Cupcakes

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