Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Brandon Cheng

One of the highlights for me this past February was viewing the Triumvir Civil War Collection at Magic/Project. Not to follow suit the Triumvir crew booked a sky suite at the MGM to entertain and display the upcoming collection. The spring 09 collection was and is beyond impressive. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand itself, Triumvir is - "heavily influenced by history, culture and the derivatives of contemporary fashions, many of the ideals and legacies set forth by the Roman Empire, among others, have served as direction inspiration for triumvir".      

The force behind Triumvir is non-other then Brandon Cheng.  Triumvir became an extension of Brandon's custom sneaker work that you could at one time find on NikeTalk.  From there the brand evolved and in the past few years under went a slight image change all while maintaining their integrity and giving us nothing less then some of the highest quality denim, button ups, outwear and graphically pleasing designs. Recently they teamed up with Capcom and Sega promoting the 20th anniversary of Street Fighter as well as Madworld for Wii.

Brandon's work has been a huge inspiration to the crew at LifeAfterMidnight so it seemed fitting to ask Brandon what music has been influencing his work as well as some tunes that he has in constant rotation.

Influencing Brandon's work...

1. Mildred Bailey, "When That Man Is Dead And Gone"
2. Transmission0, "Dream 1"
3. Transmission0, "Fragments"
4. Transmission0, "Dying Light"


5. Hiroshi Fujiwara, "Hard Boiled Dub"
6. The Smiths, "How Soon is Now"
7. Paul Davis, "I Go Crazy"
8. Nujabes, "World's End Rhapsody"
9. Morrissey, "I have Forgiven Jesus"
10. Morrissey, "Let Me Kiss You"
11. Anything Enya
12. Anything Enigma
13. Depeche Mode, "Shake the Disease"
14. Depeche Mode, "Question of Lus"
15. The Cure, "Lullaby"

Words of advice, get your hands on a pair of the Castor Raw Selvedge Denim.  In our opinion of the of nicest pairs of denim on the market right now.

Thanks Brandon for the time.  Look forward to what comes out of the dungeon and triumvir camp over the upcoming seasons.