Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Dave Ortiz

Dave's Quality Meat (DQM to the regulars) has become an iconic fixture in the meat packing district in New York City. DQM, situated at 7 East 3rd Street, was the brainchild of Dave Ortiz and Chris Keefe. The duo opened shop November 1, 2003. Dave (at one point the Zoo York Skate team manager) developed the concept for the butcher shop which was an extension of his graffiti tag which at the time was 'Meat'.

The space, as you can judge by the name, resembles your classic butcher shop. No details were overlooked. From the meat hangers to the glass-door meat refrigerator stocked with t-shirts shrink wrapped in styrofoam packages. The experience is even capped off with your purchase making its way into a brown, hand stamped DQM bag.

DQM goes beyond to make sure you get the freshest Nike SB products, Nike Quickstrike, Vans and some of the world most limited shoes. The shop also boast an impressive in-house line that almost always features a stunning New Era that will make you weak in the knees.

Now that I find myself in New York it seems only fitting for this weeks Monday Morning Playlist installment to be Mr. Dave Ortiz. I haven't had the opportunity to meet Dave (yet) but from people I talk to he is not only a class act but has an unprecedented style which made me really curious as to what "jams get him pumped". Dave not only provided a list but even put the tracks in context with his life, a Monday Morning Playlist first.

1) I and I Survive - Bad Brains.
These guy I've been friends with since the late 80's and we still talk to this day every time they come to NYC they call me to come to the was funny when took my friend to the show to meet the band she tells me when guys are like they know the band...she was like you really know them and their kids and that was way cool..

2) Everything is Broken - Bob Dylan
Every time I mess shit up with any of my girl friends...this has been a song in my life for too long...

3) Song That Made Us What We Are - Red Hot Chili Peppers
This is a B side on Mother Milk which is still to this day one of my favorite albums...

4) Mercy Mercy Me - Marvin Gaye
This reminds me of when I was kid just simple harmony and great lyrics about the planet this is what got me to be aware of the planet.

5) How I Love Thee - Bad Brains
This is the greatest love about how you love a WOMEN....

6) Brave Captain - Fire Hose
This was a song in Streets of Fire one of the greatest Skate videos on Earth and my friend Natas Skates to this part.

7) I Luv I Jah - Bad Brains
This is the name of my nephew AJah...and it's again an amazing song that the Brains kill it on and not too many people know about...

8) Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
This is one of the best songs ever and Biz Markie did the best cover with the Beastie Boys but the OG is always the best...

9) Jokerman - Bob Dylan
The Lyrics are so dope....Freedom is just around the corner from line in the song..

10) Regatta de Blanc - The Police
Best reference to a coke song ever...listen to it and ask me later....YA YO....YA YO..

11) You Gotta Serve have Somebody - Bob Dylan
This is the truth for every person on earth...I don't care how cool anyone thinks they are...You Gotta have to Somebody...

12) How Strong - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Now this is for my girl in Marsielle France I love her so much that it kills me I live here in NYC I wish I was with here every minute of the day....