Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Sam Flores

I have always been fascinated with the connection between the visual arts and music and vise versa. Especially how the two co-exist in a way that they feed off of each other, inspiring and influencing the end result of either craft.

As you will notice Life After Midnight continues to grow based on this connection between the visual arts and music. It seems fitting that I begin what I hope will become a regular Monday feature. The Monday Morning Playlist will feature a designer, musician or member of the streetwear community and a playlist of 10 to 15 songs or musicians that funnel their creative expression.
I am pleased to bring the first installment courtesy of one of the most talent artists of our generation: Sam Flores. It seems fitting as Sam is currently working on some pieces for his up coming show "Ego, Addiction and other Bedtime Stories", which will run from May 2nd to 30th at Shepard Fairey's gallery space: Subliminal Gallery. He was kind enough to reflect on the music that has helped to form this new work. Enjoy the first chapter of the Monday Morning Playlist.
"Here's what I've been listening to the last week while working on this new show. I start the morning off with Motown and Soul , Sirius Satellite Radio, Soultown. Then to some Eric B and Rakim, Slick Rick, Dead Prez. I slow it down with some Tom Waits - Blue Valentine. I've been listening to the mellow songs on the Monsoon Wedding soundtrack a lot, Ray Charles and Sam Cook. I like a little Yo Yo Ma also. There ya go that's what gets me through the day".

I encourage you to check out Sam's blog and peep some of his works that will be on display shortly.