Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Chace Infinite

Chace Johnson, better known to his peers as Chace Infinite, provides this weeks Monday Morning Playlist. Look at this list and you are bound to find something to enjoy on this wonderful Monday morning. Everything from the new Mos Def single from his LP, Ecstatic, which has a samba/jazz/funk feel - to the 14 minute MGMT track Metanoia with its Queen-esque vibe. Look for the Self Scientific LP to drop over the next few months.   

1) Mos Def - Casa Bey

2) Strong Arm Steady - 16

3) Planet Asia & DJ Muggs ( Pain Language) - 9mm

4) Steel Pulse - Steppin' Out

5) MGMT - Metanoia

6) D-Angelo - Africa

7) Fishbone - Reality of My Suroundings

8) OJ Da Juiceman - Trap Say Aye

9) Project Pat - Cheese & Dope

10) The Darkness - I Believe In This Thing Called Love

11) Sade - Lover Rock

12) 2 Live Crew - Hey We Want some Pussy

13) Freestyle Fellowship - Park Bench People

14) Divine Styler - Sayin Nuthin

15) Paliament Funkadelic - Maggotbrain

You can download Chace's playlist here or here.