Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Marcus Troy

For those of you unfamiliar with this weeks Monday Morning Playlist feature - Marcus Troy is a fellow Canadian who bases a lifestyle blog out of Montreal, QC. Marcus spent the past five years honing his skills and fueling his passion for writing and blogging while working on his online magazine project WRG Magazine. Roughly a year ago he started which has become a highly respected blog focusing on everything from gadgets and music to trend hunting and hotel reviews. The vast amount of content provides something for everyone from the hardcore sneakerhead to the couture shopper. Marcus describes the site as "a digital space of lifestyle and fashion journalism" and describes his focus as "main street culture as well as cutting edge and urban sub culture".

Where he finds time to continually update his site with new and unseen content, I am not sure but he was gracious enough to take time out of blogging to provide us with a very appealing Monday Morning Playlist with a handful of Canadian content.

1. Drake- Successful
2. Jay-Z- Can I Live?
3. Kanye West- Street Lights
4. Drake- The Presentation
5. Drake- Where to now?
6. Drake- Closer
7. J-Cole-Split you up
8. Daft Punk- Face to Face
9. Robin Thicke-Superman
10. Little Dragon-Twice
11. MGMT-Electric Feel
12. Rochester aka Juice-Ex-Factor
13. Nina Simone-Sinnerman
14. K-OS-4321
15. NNeka-Heartbeat

You can download it
here. Thanks Marcus. You can check out Marcus's site here.