Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Twitter | #streetwearconfessions

If you are on Twitter you will have notice that over the course of the last three days it finally got interesting again. I tried to find out who decided to try and make #streetwearconfessions a trending topic but my Twitter feed would only go back three days to Greg Rivera. I am not sure if we can credit him with starting this conversation but I can tell you that he has some of the best tweets on the topic.

I think everyone has some speculation as to who Old Jeezy is. I know I have mine. I also know that these tweets are ten times better then any BongoBoy interview.
Interested to see some 10Deep, Diamond, DQM, UNDEFEATED tweets...I know there is much more up for discussion.

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M83 | We Own The Sky

I just finished watching Travis Rice's That's It, That's All for the third time this week. This song is quite possibly the best intro song to any skate or snowboard video I have seen to date. I was going to hold off and post this as Tuesday's Chill Track but I couldn't restrain myself. Think of this as a bonus to help you prepare for the weekend.

Alife Presents | Clayton Patterson - L.E.S. Captured

Alife Presents is currently displaying Clayton Patterson's photo series 'L.E.S. Captured'. The body of work documents Patterson's 30-year documentation of the dramatically transitioned Lower East Side. The series reflects Patterson's compulsive nature in documenting his neighborhood and community beginning in 1985.

Patterson was born in 1948 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He made the move to New York City in 1978. In 1983 Clayton and his companion, Elsa Rensaa, purchased a building on Essex Street which would become not only their home but also Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Museum. Clayton is also respected for co-founding New York Tattoo Society of New York which helped win the fight to legalize tattooing in the city.

The body of work captures an honest portrayal of Lower East Side living in the late 80's onward. From the children and families to thugs, lovers, drug dealers, drug users, disenfranchised artists and others that would disappear from collective memory.

The exhibition is a 3 part celebration of the work including the show itself, a book signing and a theatre-screening. Two limited tees are also available at the gallery.

The show runs until November 8th at Alife Presents located at 157 Rivington Street. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Sunday noon until 7pm.

Black Scale | Fall 2009 Collection

Mega and the crew at Black Scale continue to further the line with bold graphics tees, a strong cast of fitteds and some really clean hoods and baseball styled jackets. The San Francisco brand continues to grow its line during economic hardship, recently branching into the world of denim.

(via. BlackScale)

Today's Useless But Impressive Lesson | Krumping Mascot Battles

I guess we know where Chris Brown is doing his community service.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Antenna Magazine | KIA Soul x Kid Cudi Event

Antenna Magazine recently had the opportunity to collaborate with South Korean automobile manufacture, KIA. The car of choice was the KIA Soul 5 door hatchback. The car itself was designed in California by Mike Torpey in an effort to appeal to the younger customer. As a result the car comes in over 10,000 combinations of engines, colours, styling and accessories. This particular car lacked nothing.

The goal of the project was to bring to life a car that resonated with the overall feel of the magazine. The result is a very clean and sharp automobile with no detail overlooked. The work on the car was done by New Jersey custom shop Lux Motorwerks.

The crew filled this car with every goody needed for a daily cruise or cross country promo tour. Aside from a motorized trunk clothing display and custom built exhaust the car also has a sunglass and watch glove box display, a custom center console refrigerator, G-Shock clock, HP Netbook, flip video with Blackberry Pearl and PSP's to boot. An office on wheels. If that is not enough, the cars Cone Denim headliner features an inlaid skateboard and trucks.

As part of the project KIA also teamed up with In4mation (Rhandy Tambio), Huf (Keith Hufnagel), Etnies (Pierre Andre Senizergues), Smart Design, DJ Whoo Kid, C-PAS, Todd Schmidt and Original Penguin whose renderings and concepts were on display. There is no word on the future of the Antenna Soul but I did spot it at SHUT Skateboards last week so keep an eye out for it on New York City streets.

The car was the focal point of tonight's shindig at The Ainsworth. The event put on by Antenna in partner with KIA and was hosted by Kid Cudi (which in essences means he made an appearance at 11:30 haha). Music was provided by DJ Phresh who took a liking to Jay-Z as did everyone in attendance.

The event was very well attended by industry and intrigued auto enthusiasts alike.

Special thanks to Sarah at Antenna for getting me on the roster to attend tonight's festivities and shout out to their intern turned newest member Main Kim.

Undefeated | Arkitip x James Bond

I am aware that this video came out almost a year ago but it remains one of the better if not the best looks at UNDFTD. Felipe Lima sat down with James Bond at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz as part of the Arkitip Chronicles.

Arkitip began in 1999. The first run consisted of 50 copies that were hand stapled and hand silkscreened on corrugated cardboard. From the get-go Arkitip focused its attention on a handmade craft approach with unmatched quality in content. Today the magazine remains rooted in its earlier principle - artists contribute to the magazine and each issue is a hand numbered, 4 color art book. The lower price point allows people like myself who love art but do not necessarily have the budget for it to buy work that would otherwise be hanging in a gallery. Artists like Shepard Fairey and Steven Harrington top the most recent issues of the magazine that range from $45-$100+ mark. The magazine thrives to support the arts, promote freedom of expression and make art affordable and accessible.

If you ever have creativity block just take a look at the run of publication design (Arkitip).
The site not only is home to their magazine and other art publications but also features a collection of blogs written by some very respected creative minds including Kevin Carney (creative director of Generic Surplus and Generic Surplus), Michael Leon (Creative Director of Nike SB), Wood Wood as well as the Undefeated cast.

(via. Arkitip)

Design | The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Swipelife recently sat down with Gorden Wagener, the head of design for Mercedes-Benz and the creator of the SLS AMG supercar to discuss the inspiration and process behind this gem. The car was inspired to evoke memories of Mercedes iconic 300 SL.

The car features an aluminum spaceframe body with gullwing doors and a front mount 6.3 litre V8 engine delivering 571 horsepower.

The Gullwing accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.8 seconds and according to Mercedes Benz reaches a top speed of 315 km/h or 196 mph.

The car will be released Spring 2010 and is rumored to run about $258,000-$260,000 not including the $10,000 optional paint package. Check out the interview here.

(via. MercedesBenz and Swipelife)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday's Chill Track | "Sunglasses at Night" - Corey Hart

This track came out in 1983 (on vinyl), three years before I was born. There are a lot of questionable things with this video - I won't argue that and the song itself has been prostituted appearing in everything from a 1993 KIA Sephia car commercial to the 2002 release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It has appeared on Blenders '50 Worst Songs Ever' as well as VH1's '50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs of All Time'. But at the end, lets be honest, you are still going to turn up the volume, play absurd drinking games, and sing-a-long when this song gets play time.

The things about these awesomely bad videos is how they solidify a moment in time and serve as a reminder of how far the music video has come. I can't wait until my kids look back at some of our generations worst videos. I mean what will they think when they see Sisqo's 'Thong Song' or Eiffel 65's 'Blue' video. I guess I will just make sure that I have a barf bag near by. And think of how the music video has taken a snapshot of current fashion. Big old chains, Yeezy moon boots, Gaga's blinded style - we will definitely have some explaining to do.

The Hundreds | Black & Gray Jun Cha

The Hundreds will reveal their most recent collaboration with LA-based artist Jun Cha this coming week. The two parties collaborated on a series of apparel, headwear, footwear and accessories that will debut at both THSF and THLA. The release coincides with Jun's solo exhibition at Canvas Gallery a few doors down from THLA. Canvas Gallery is a gallery/retail spot that strives to promote artistic contributions in tattoo culture.

Jun Cha broke down the details of how the partnership came into fruition.

"Our project is about the people of this city, and the times we face. The city’s resources exhausted, the rich get fat, while we starve on the streets. Our heroes are the women and children, left to rebuild a burned Los Angeles, that we ourselves have destroyed. We take away your money, jewelry and cars. We strip your clothes and replace them with ours. We leave scars in your skin so you can remember, and burn everything that you are proud to claim as “Los Angeles.” How our heroes have survived with only each other is what we will show you".

Grand opening reception goes this Friday (Oct. 2) at Canvas Gallery at 441 N Fairfax from 9pm-11pm. Go out and support.

(via. The Hundreds)

Goodfoot | Fall 2009 New Era 5950 Fitteds

Matt George's Canadian sneaker boutique Goodfoot has released a new line up of New Era 5950's for fall. The 7 fitteds feature the classic 'G' logo. The hats are available now at all Goodfoot locations. The caps turned out really nice but am I the only one that despises the Gucci colorway?

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Spike Jonze | Invisible Boards

Ransom Holding Co. | Fall Winter 2009 Launch

Ransom unveils the second part of their Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. The full Fall/Winter collection consisting of an array of knits, button ups, chinos, flannels , beanies and winter outwear is currently available at the Ransom Flagship store. Judging from the pictures Ransom takes a few pointers from classic workwear.

Also if you are in the vicinity of 431 Richmond St West in Toronto cruise through Ransom tonight for the launch of Fall/Winter. The event goes from 7-10 pm with refreshments and music by DJ P-Plus. (Link)

(via. RansomHoldingCo)

Comedian | Nick Thune on Leno

If you can get past the commercial at the start this is definitely 5 minutes well spent. Stay cool.

Supreme NYC x A.P.C. | New Standard Jean and Tee

In 1987, Tunis native Jean Touitou created the French fashion label A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation). Over the years A.P.C. has distinguished itself as a prestigious clothier of fine apparel based on classic items and silhouettes. A.P.C. is headquartered in Paris with primary stores sprinkled across various parts of the world including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Tokyo and the US.

The jean, a specially designed version of A.P.C.'s classic New Standard style, will feature a back pocket embroidery and a removable pin.

The tee will come in two colors; red (available exclusively at Supreme stores) and black (available exclusively at A.P.C. Stores).

Available in-store and online on October 1st. Available in Japan on October 3rd.

(via. Supreme NYC)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prepping for Winter | Top 3 Toques For Winter 2009

Yes, American's call the knit winter head wear a beanie. But in Canada a toque, or tuque, is the common name for a traditionally knit winter hat and in my opinion the proper name for a warm winter head wear. So far there have been three toques that have grabbed my attention. Though I am sure there are still a few good ones yet to be released these are my top three picks thus far as I begin to prep for a cold, long, physically and mentally devastating winter in Canadian.

1. Supreme 'Block Logo' Beanie/Toque

This was released a few weeks ago and as a result also sold out a few weeks ago. I went over to Supreme on Lafayette to cop one as they were only $28. I obviously was already suffering from a little hypothermia and not thinking straight thinking I would still be able to get my hands on one. Not a chance. I checked eBay this week and it is clear to see where they all ended up. On eBay they are selling for $54 plus $30 shipping. It was affordable at one point. The toque comes in green, red, black, sky blue, royal blue and grey.

2. Undefeated 'All Good' Beanie

This releases this coming Saturday at UNDFTD retail accounts. I am not sure of price point but judging by past releases I would venture to guess between $18-$28. My only concern would be the pom-pom looks like an after thought. But still a great toque non-the-less.

3. Coal 'The Team' Beanie

Coal continues to make some of the best winter head wear on the market in my opinion. If anyone can capture the essences of a fine classic knit beanie in modern style its Coal. 'The Team' beanie retails for $25 an comes in seven great colorways.

Milton Glaser, Inc. | 20 Minutes with Milton

A few weeks ago Andrew asked me if there was anything that I had hoped to gain, experience wise, out of the internship that I had not yet had the opportunity. Some good forced reflection. My answer to that was involvement in a tradeshow and as a result the next thing I knew I was making the trip to Vegas to lend a hand at Capsule. Last week I was reflecting on the question in terms of personal experience. I thought pretty hard about it and a few ideas came up. One of which was somewhat far fetched but as you know I am always down for a challenge. The next thing I knew I was speaking with Milton's personal assistant scheduling a short meeting with one of the foremost graphic designers and creative minds in the industry.

Milton Glaser, Inc. was established in 1974 and has called 207 East 32nd Street home. This historic location was also home to Pushpin Studios as well as the start up of New York Magazine.

I wish I could provide a transcribed copy of our conversation so you could dig through the vast amount of wisdom bestowed in such a short period and also so I could revisit some of the profound thought that still need reflection. I was unsure of my allotment of time so I put together a run of 10 questions that I wanted to make sure that I didn't bypass and kick myself later. Milton touched on everything from maintaining creative longevity to how he celebrated his 80 birthday. Of our conversation this story stood out. There are many life lessons that can be drawn from it, but for me, it not only illustrated how showing or telling some that you believe in them is a powerful action but also that even the most mundane actions can change or greatly affect a persons life.

One question I asked Mr. Glaser was what was the best advice he ever received. This is how he responded - When I was in junior high school I was rather good in science, and my science teacher enthusiastically encouraged me to purse a life in the subject. At the end of the school year I told him that I had been accepted into the High School of Music and Art. I felt awkward because I knew he had other plans for me. One week later he asked me to stay after class This was usually a bad sign. He took a small package out of his desk drawer and asked me to open it. I unwrapped it nervously and saw that it contained a box of beautiful French conte crayons. "Do good work", he said. It took me many years to understand that his real gift to me wasn't the crayons but the blessing he gave me to pursue my own passion and path in life in spite of his own interests. Without really knowing it I made an internal resolution to be worthy of his faith in me. Because he believed in me, I believed in myself. Such is the nature of the human mind.

This question also prompted Milton to pass on a collection of four short essays entitled Ambiguity & Truth, Since Then, 10 Things I've Learned and Dark & Light. I am off to read point 8 of the 10 Things I've Learned...'Doubt Is Better Than Certainty'.

Sorry for the lack of photographs, client confidentiality.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Diamond Supply Co. | Holiday 2009

The Diamond Supply line continues to grow and diversify. Among Fall/Winter/Holiday 2009 are chino khaki pants, mens accessories, button ups, tees, headwear and a really nice cardigan. I think this is a combination an extension of Nick's changing personal tastes and the money to do so. And it's turned out really nice.

(via. DiamondSupplyCo)

New Video | 'Forever' Drake feat. Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem

This time Hype Williams gets behind the camera to direct 'Forever' which is appearing on the 'More Than A Game' Soundtrack. Leave Mr. West to the rapping and dream killing instead of behind the camera. Eminem is back in full form and kills this track.

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Maestro Knows - Season 2 - Episode 9

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DQM | Fall 2009

The new Dave's Quality Meat website launched today and with it came pictures of the up coming Fall collection. The Fall '09 lookbook was shot by Todd Jordan, capturing a day in the life of DQM staff and friends.

Among the collection are some killer flannel pieces, tees, outwear and headwear including New Eras, Buck Huntin' mesh caps, watch caps, and a special release Stormy Kromer for DQM WaxWear cap. Made in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Stormy Kromer has been providing genuine survival gear since 1919.

Highlights of Fall '09 include the Tan and Blaze Orange Crescent Down Works for DQM 60/40 Montagne Parka, Inside Out Flannel Shirt, Saw Mill Flannel Shirts as well as the DQM x New Era Basic Duck Canvas 59/50.

As for the re-haul of the website - the new and improved not only offers a more easy to navigate interface but also a real clean aesthetic.

Check out the look book and new site here.

(via. DavesQualityMeat)

The Hundreds | Team Snap Back Caps

These two snapbacks drop this coming Thursday the 24th in a Teal/Black and Black/Orange. The hats are exclusive to THSF and THLA.

(via. HypeBeast)

Clic Gallery | Sue Kwon 'Only In New York'

Clic Gallery is currently hosting the black and white work of famed photographer Sue Kwon.
The show entitled 'Only In New York' compiles photographs from the last 20 years depicting the streets, neighborhoods and people of New York City. The highly regarded and acclaimed documentary style photos feature everything from hustlers, well known musicians, dancers, children, shop owners and shoe shiners.

“One can see Kwon’s empathetic involvement, her poetical surgeon’s eye, in the way she frames the streets, fashion, faces, and situations that make up her world. Again and again, she incites the viewer to look at [what] she has faithfully recorded in her personal, anarchic, and radiant photographs.” - Hilton Als (The New Yorker)

Sue Kwon began her career at The Village Voice, shooting subjects that ranged from runaways to underground Jamaican nightclubs in Queens. Her photographs have since been published in The Source, VIBE, and PAPER magazines, and she has become a well-known portrait photographer of hip hop stars, including Notorious B.I.G., the Beastie Boys and the Wu-Tang Clan. Her work has been featured in group shows in New York and Copenhagen and been the subject of a solo show at A Bathing Ape Gallery in Tokyo. This is her first solo show in New York.

The show runs until October 4th, 2009 at Clic Gallery located at 424 Broome (Layfette) iA limited quantity of Sue Kwon's soon-to-be-published monograph, Street Level: New York Photographs 1987-2007, will be available for purchase.

Tuesday's Chill Track | "Against The Grain" - City and Colour

Slightly different genre and sound then Clipse but just as good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Complex Magazine | Clipse x Kaws Cover October/November 2009

Complex continues to knock out some of the best magazine covers to hit news stands this year. Pusha and Malice, better known as Clipse and the owners of Play Clothes, will grace this coming October/November issue of Complex. With the help of their good friend Kaws they managed to come up with this gem. Clipse collaborated with Kaws for their third studio album 'Till The Casket Drops that is set to release October 20th, 2009. In April of this year we got a little taste of the upcoming album in the form of "Kinda Like a Big Deal" which featured Kanye West and was produced DJ Khalil. The collectible cover features Clipse in an action figure-esque packaging in a manner that only Kaws could pull off.
To read more head here.

(via. ComplexMagazine)

Culture Shoq | 10 Deep and Emeka Obi

Culture Shoq caught up with Emeka Obi of 10 Deep to discuss the past 14 years of 10 Deep and the direction of the brand. The interview is short but insightful. You can read it in its entirety here.

(via. CultureShoq)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Deitch Project | Kehinde Wiley 'Black Light" Exhibition

As you can probably tell - today was gallery day. In a radius of about 10 blocks in the Lower East Side there are three incredible, on going exhibitions. Aside from the Keith Haring show I also stopped in at Clic Gallery to ponder the works of Sue Kwon's show 'Only In New York' and then took a gander at Kehinde Wiley's 'Black Light' exhibition at Deitch Project.

Kehinde Wiley was born in Los Angeles in 1977. He received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1999 and a MFA from Yale in 2001. Shortly after his studies at Yale he became an Artist-in Resident at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The Los Angeles native and visual arts currently resides and works in New York City. This is Wiley's fourth solo photographic exhibition and one that I have been looking forward to for a few weeks now.

"Black Light is an exhibition of photographs that thrust the black male image, captured by the means of light manipulation and digital technology, into focus. This shuffle of Wiley's artistic process reveals an integral component of his studio practice rarely seen while remaining, uniquely, Kehinde Wiley portraiture." - Deitch Projects

Kehinde's work is visually infatuating (if that is a sentence). The amalgamation of 1950's pattern decor with a prominent, majestic, powerful, confident and almost heroic type black male figure creates a unique and unsettling harmony creating an over glorified juxtaposition. The styling of the figures is just as intriguing, commenting on the New York stylistic state through a combination of fitted caps and men's apparel and accessories. Each unique clothing ensemble makes reference to New York and hip-hop culture. Everything from Yankee fitteds, Bape jeans, aNYthing tees to Dee and Ricky belts. The portraits blur the boundaries of traditional works.

Aside from the styling and upon closer inspection the photographs illuminates Wiley's technically sound abilities. Each of the 17 photographs on display are composed in such a way that one cannot by pass the "intimate study of embattled psychologies whose adherents are at once flawed and majestic, canonized and misunderstood".

The show is definitely worth checking out, but you only have until next Saturday (September 26) to make your way down to Deitch Projects at 76 Grand St.

Supreme NYC | Fall Winter Backpack

Supreme's 2009 Fall/Winter collection is once again on point. One of the stand outs, aside from the beanie collection, is Supreme's minimally branded effort featuring a black, red and blue colorway. The 500 Denier ripstop bag features top entry access with cargo pocket and is available now for $136 at Supreme.

(via. SupremeNYC)

Woodward Gallery | The Early Works of Keith Haring

Woodward Gallery currently presents works from Keith Haring's early years in New York City. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Keith Haring is one of the most respected New York City street artists of all time. Keith was born May 4, 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Haring was an artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s.

The exhibition is a playful body of work that consists of "some unique subway drawings, studio interiors and other never-before-exhibited works of art will further underscore Haring’s outstanding contribution, impact and relevance to art today". I would not be able to do this post an justice so I have included the galleries exhibition catalogue.

During 1978-1980, Haring’s first years in New York, the art scene was moving out of established art galleries and museums and into nontraditional public spaces. The then-gritty actuality of NY was more vital than its gallery culture. Haring had adapted a quote from Artist Jean Dubuffet, “For myself, I aim for an art which would be in immediate connection with daily life which would start from our daily life and which would be a very direct and very sincere expression of our real life and moods."

In 1978, Haring enrolled in School of Visual Arts (SVA) and refined his cartoon drawings. In 1979, he began to participate more in downtown culture, tuning into graffiti writers who spray-painted their tags or wrote with thick markers on the sides of subway cars or city walls. The young urban kids were being pulled into the expanding network of alternative art spaces. Haring additionally became involved with hip-hop culture, break dancers, the downtown clubs and DJs.

Riding the subway from his uptown apartment to the clubs, Haring noticed black paper hanging next to advertisements in the cars, awaiting the next ad. He used this opportunity to draw in chalk on the black paper with all sorts of childlike imagery: barking dogs, babies, unisex figures, spaceships, TV sets, etc. The outline style of imagery could be appreciated individually as cartoon cels or together to form a narrative. The subway drawings magnify Haring’s cartoons into a new Pop Art that at once was urban narrative, science fiction and hieroglyphics. These subway drawings initiated his first one man shows.

Haring’s work transcends the barrier between graffiti drawings and the world of fine art. His early chalk art on subway walls and sociopolitical murals were a response to New York street culture. Woodward Gallery will feature work from Keith Haring’s initial creative output in NYC.

It is amazing what you can learn when you stop and take a minute. The exhibition focused on Keith's first apartment and studio space at 325 Broome. I have walked by this spot between Chrystie and Bowery numerous time and never realized the significance. Haring died of AIDS related complications at the young age of 31.

The show runs until October 30th at Woodward Gallery (133 Eldridge). Woodward is open Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.