Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Johan Lam

This weeks sampling is courtesy of 3sixteen's co-owner, Johan Lam. Johan attended the University of Southern Cal with the intentions of pursuing a career in the music industry. After the realization that the music industry would continue on a downward spiral (due to file sharing) he decided to pursue a career in Communications. In 2006 he graduated from USC with a focused degree in Entertainment and Society. Over the course of his college career Johan balanced a job at El Mercado where he acted as a buyer and consultant for the store. If that wasn't enough Johan was also working full time, alongside Andrew Chen, growing the 3sixteen brand on the west coast. His passion for the company did not go unnoticed and he was brought on full time as a partner in 3sixteen.

Aside from 3sixteen Johan and Andrew have expanded their business portfolio umbrella to include The Chapter & Verse Agency which acts as a brand consulting and public relations agency that helps smaller brands expand into unfamiliar territories. Recently Chapter & Verse have been working with Portland brand Tanner Goods.

"The idiom 'chapter and verse' is a century old phrase referring to the exact and extensive detail, and describes the approach that C&V brings to every project that it undertakes. Utilizing over a decade of combined experience in men's fashion, C&V offers PR, consulting and sales solutions for both upcoming and established clothing lines" - Johan Lam

Best part is Johan is Canadian, sort of. He would probably deny this but he can't deny the fact that he was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Though his time there was short dudes got his Canadian papers.

Enjoy this weeks Monday Morning Playlist.

Also among his list were:

Discovery - I Want You Back (In Discovery)
Ozma - Battlescars

You can download a majority of Johan's playlist here.