Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nike Air Yeezy

Just when you thought the hype couldn't grow any more, the Nike Air Yeezy makes a cameo on the feet of DJ AM in the new Nike Kobe Bryant IV commercial. I have seen a few colorways online but this is my far the nicest to date.

The Nike Air Yeezy has become one of the most anticipated releases in recent memory. The shoe first appeared on the feet of Mr. West at this past years Grammy Awards. The Kanye designed shoe will be released in March of 2009 in a small arsenal of colorways. And as anticipated will be extremely limited.

(via: Nice Kicks)

Kid Cudi Interview

via Hustler Watch: Kid Cudi from Eighty81 on Vimeo.

Ransom Fall/Winter 2008

Matt George is quite possibly one of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs. What start off as a hobby of unloading DS sneakers to Japan eventually provide the down payment for the first Goodfoot location on Richmond Street in Toronto. And it doesn't stop there. Today George is responsible for the United Front. A collection of Canadian retail locations that include Goodfoot, Nomad, Stussy Vancouver, Stussy Toronto, Nvsbletailors, and St. Alfred.
Matt George's Ransom is a testament to the ever changing and maturing streetwear scene and customer thus proven once again with the Fall/Winter Collection. (images via Matt George)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Does Diamond Sleep?

Looks like Diamond is at it again. Hate him or love him Nick has the golden touch. The Diamond Holiday Release Part II goes up 12 p.m. tomorrow (here). The release features the Ace Trucks Masters of Metal tee, SF Seals tee, Diamond4Life tee, and the DMND hood. Also hitting the shop will be the Angelina Jolie Diamond Eyes tee which I think will be the equivalent to the 2007 Cold as Ice tee in terms of sought after piece.

Does it not seem that every company under the sun is dropping vowels for the sake of sales...You have this Diamond piece which came after Stpl, RSWD, CNCPTS, UNDFTD (ok a "U"). I mean the RSWD was pretty dirty. I did name it as one of the best fitteds of this past year but it just seems like its a cop out to replace a quality design like the Diamond Eyes tee. Don't get me wrong Nick runs a talent company no question but it seems like one or two pieces got all the attention. Maybe it is just me...chew on it.

Holiday Hiatus

When the first few frozen flakes descend upon Winnipeg you can almost hear the hurt and heartache. Exit the lazy summers days, cruising the lake with friends and fam and enter the excruciating harsh tundra.

The one bright spot that stems from the unsympathetic callous winters is my friend the snowmobile. An object that for that hour or two makes you feel a snuffle of joy. This year those were the intentions once again. But things don’t always go as planned so I learned. One broken garage door, one broken belt, one crashed sled and one insurance claim capped off our winter cabin retreat with the reassuring words echoing “it could have been worse” as we drove away.

There were two good things that stemmed from the sled wrecking on the tree that involved coming up with new ways to pass the time. Enter the creative genius that is Andrew Moxam. Though not given a proper name, Mox puts a twist on America’s favorite pastime: Poker. All you need are willing participants and a deck of cards, no chips required. The starting bid is tossed out (i.e. eat four cherry tomatoes dipped in humus) the action is check around or a raise is made (i.e. I see your four cherry tomatoes and I raise you a bare butt in snow for 15 seconds) you then can either fold or call. This continues until someone wins the hand, if you called the tomatoes but folded the butt you still have to partake in the eating of the tomatoes. After 10 hands here are a couple of the highlights.

The second required less creativity but a good finger work out. Alex and Mox learned the hard way that Steve Nash does not miss threes and Shaq is useless.

The Con

When asked to describe the contents of my iPod I never know where to start. I have some Lupe and Kid Cudi, Girltalk and Team Canada DJs, City and Colour and I think if you look hard enough you may even find some tracks that a man should never have on his iPod.

However the common denominator, on almost ever playlist, is Canadian Indie Rock duo Tegan and Sara. I was lucky enough to receive the 2007 release by the Calgary natives, The Con, for Christmas and I can't seem to get it out of my head (pun intended). Produced by Death Cab for Cutie guitarist, Christopher Walla, the 14 track album can only be summed up as addicting and mesmerizing.


International Design Magazine did this really great piece on Jersey City graffiti artist KAWS a while back.

KAWS x Original fake Chompers hoodie, to my knowledge, dropped this past weekend at retail locations.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

"I like the Christmas Jesus best" - Will Ferrell.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

DTA Today

Rogue Status' DTA has teamed up with Japanese brand 7 Union for another fitted. Earlier in July they released the iconic DTA eagle black fitted. The two brands followed up that piece with this gem. Inspired by USA Today logo this hat features the classic "Don't Trust Anyone" stitched on the under brim. Should hit the market shortly after the holidays.

Incase You Need a Last Minute Gift

California high end accessory company, Incase, is wrapping up one of their most successful years to date. With the success and growth of the iPod, iPhone and Macbook, sales have escalated to new heights. Incase provides innovative, visually pleasing and stylish - yet practical - protection for almost any portable high tech device on the market. From stylish luggage to classic iPod cases, Incase has captured the high end accessory market.

Formed around a "relentless commitment to design" and focus on - simplicity, efficiency, and agility - Incase continues to rise above convention and the competition.

This year we witnessed some of the most creative solutions as Incase partnered with Paul Rodriguez for a luggage line, DC shoes for a complex backpack, Undefeated for a gym bag and Kaws for a laptop case.
And there is no doubt that next year will be even bigger.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After Hours: Momentum

One of the highlights in Saskatoon, aside from visiting the girlfriends family, is making a stop in at local shop, Momentum. One of the few retailers that have a great selection of 10.Deep, The Hundreds, Diamond Supply, Obey, Nike Quickstrikes, Vans Vault and Supra in Western Canada. Aside from the unmatched selection, the educated staff makes it a goal to ensure your experience is a pleasant one.

Momentum has two locations in Saskatoon. Both locations have good selection but if you are hunting for sneakers try 160-2102 8th Street East and if you are looking for a selection of tees, jeans and hoodies I would say try your luck at the smaller location just off Attridge Dr at the Northeast end of Saskatoon. However look to spend top price for high end brands like 10.Deep and The Hundreds clothing.

I made two purchases while in town. I finally tracked down a pair of The Hundreds x Gravis Black Box collection kicks and also snagged a Jason Markk Premium shoe cleaning kit which I continue to hear good things about.

www.fromthefeetup.com // image by Chad Coombs

Thank You WestJet

After a great week in Saskatoon (yes I said it).  WestJet was kind enough to provide me with some extra time to reflect.  Three hours to be exact, for now.  A scheduled departure of 1:05 has now been pushed back to 4:04.  So here I am stuck at YXE.  I guess that's to be expected with a seat sale and traveling on the December 23.  But that's fine with me.  The added time gives me a chance to catch up on the blogging and create one of the most captivating complaint letters of all time.  Ha ha.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jeff Ng - Best of 2008

Urb Magazine asked one of our generations most influential designers, Jeff Ng better known as Jeff Staple, to compile a top ten list of 2008. Jeff compiled a list of the Top Ten Fonts of 2008. Take a gander.

10. Futura - Seems to be the street fashion font of choice recently: The Hundreds, Alife, Nike, MOB, Supreme all use Futura. Paul Renner doesn't know what hit him.

09. Crackhouse - The font of choice for the grimy hip-hoppers of the '90s is trying to stage a comeback. It made an appearance in the indie hit Slumdog Millionaire and on Maino's (Hi Hater!) street anthem

08. Helvetica Rounded Bold - In the coffee wars, the old veteran staged an amazing comeback: Dunkin Donuts is beating Starbucks at its own game and in the process, making the lovable Purple and Orange puffy font a mainstay on city streets

07. EarlySwirlySerifs -Aerosyn Lex is the originator of this style. See URB's redesign as reference. But now, so many different brands are adopting it, I can't tell the difference between Lex's work and the copycats. (i.e., Bloomingdale's recent ad campaign)

06. Trade Gothic Condensed Bold - ...continues to be a strong font showing no signs of tiring. The (RED) Campaign rolls on despite some bad press.
05. Helvetica Bold - Comme on (as in Garcons), you can't really exclude the basic Helvetica form on a top 10 font list.

04. Adobe Myriad - Thanks to Apple iPods, iPhones and iMacs, iNowseethisfonteveryday.

03. Optima - The font of John McCain. Much debate was raised over the typeface choices for our election rivals. Optima: Conserative..trusting...militant..it came right out of Top Gun. And...
02. Gotham - The font of Barack Obama. Clean, subtle, yet radical and determined to roll over its competition with ease. On November 4th, the better font won. Hands down.

01. Your Own Font - In 2008, our culture showed that your own handwriting was the best way to stand out from the crowd. Louis Vuitton resurrected the Stephen Sprouse collection. And the streets were still alive with tag font galore: KR, Stash, Parra, Eric Haze to name a few. The people's choice! Make your own fonts!

Air Jordan 6 Fusion

Jordan 6 Fusions, a little Nike x Jordan tribute to the 1991 release of the Jordan VI, will be released in early 2009. The shoe is a combination of a modified Air Jordan 6 with emphasis on the Air Force 1 bottom. A few different colorways will be released between January and March of 2009 including a Hot Lava. The shoes will retail somewhere in the neighborhood of $135 and $160.

"All Gone" - The Finest in Street Culture 2008

The 2008 publication of "All Gone" is a manifest of the greatest products released worldwide over the course of this year. The book highlights the products in sequential release date order. Each product, within the 256 page limited edition book, is highlight by famous photographers or by original artists.

This year the book will be published in vibrant red. This will probably be the closest you will get to it as only 100 publications will be printed.

Concepts x Canada Gooose

If you think back to the start of the year we were introduced to the Nike x Concept Lobster SB. Maybe one of the most innovative collaborations to hit the market. Well Concepts is at it again. The Cambridge, Massachusetts store recently teamed up with Toronto outwear power house Canada Goose. Canada Goose has been manufacturing innovative, high quality outerwear in Canada for over 50 years. Their high end goose and duck down jackets are worn by almost every scientist at the South Pole and every Canadian Law Enforcement officer.

Concepts is proud to announce their Chilliwack collaboration project. "The Chilliwack 'bomber style' jacket was created to provide pilots with the warmth needed on Arctic landing strips but designed for maximum comfort and freedom of movement while in the cockpit" (Highsnobiety).

Concepts will release 2 versions of the Chilliwack parka. The first, a black version accentuated with blue zippers and featuring a Wolverine fur trimmed hood. The Wolverine fur draws away moisture from the face to prevent frost bite.

The second release will see an orange version with cream colored trim and zippers which features a Coyote fur trimmed hood. Both jackets will feature Concepts branded patches and embossed lining.

The bad news is that each colorway is limited to 37 pieces world wide. Why 37? Concepts new address at 37 Brattle Street. The black Chilliwack is available now at Concepts and the Orange will be available in January. www.cncpts.com

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Chalk campaign courtesy of Portland group Wieden+Kennedy.

Goodfoot Toronto

Nike SB "Batman" and Jordan XI + XII countdown pack as well as Nike re-up at Goodfoot Toronto today.

Bought In

Rob Walker is a weekly columnist for the New York Times Magazine. His weekly column, "Consumed", takes a look at the complex subcultures of marketing and how brands emerge from the noise of culture.

I came across his book, "Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are", in April while searching for "Sneaker Wars" by Barbara Smit (another great book that looks at the sibling rivalry that created Adidas and Puma footwear). Either way I decided to buy in and see if the book lived up to the hype.

"Buying In" was a highly buzz worthy book that came out in late June of this year. It has been mixed with a variety of reviews, good and bad. As soon as I read the first chapter I had an extremely difficult time putting it down. I am a sucker for really life scenarios and Mr. Walker's case study approach kept me captivated right until the end. His case studies within the book focused on companies like the Hundreds, Scion, Red Bull and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Focusing on brand creating, marketing and lack of advertising behind the brands the book was extremely intriguing. Walker believes that because of our "short-attention-span generation" we have become immune to marketing. He focuses much of his attention towards technology.
"As technology has created avenues for advertising anywhere and everywhere, people are embracing brands more than ever before–creating brands of their own and participating in marketing campaigns for their favorite brands in unprecedented ways" (Walker).

The book is definitely worth the $20 investment. Mr. Walker also operates a website, murketing.com, which is a "funny and often surprising curation of brand-focused writing and photography".

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mr. Thermometer

I just thought I would give you an update on Hollywood's most talented actor. For those of you who were unaware Jeremy Piven was currently starring in David Mamet's Broadway production of "Speed-the- Plow". Piven played the role of Bobby Gould, a freshly anointed producer in Hollywood.

However on Wednesday Piven abruptly ended his run in Broadway's Speed-the-Plow after skipping Tuesday evening's performance and a Wednesday matinee. Variety reports Piven, 43, has told producers that he hasn't been feeling well due to a "high mercury count." But playwright David Mamet is skeptical. "I talked to Jeremy on the phone, and he told me that he discovered that he had a very high level of mercury," Mamet said. "So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer." (Associated Press)

JP must really like his fish. Effects from a high mercurcy count can include itching/burning, skin discoloration, edema (swelling), profuse sweating, and desquamation (dead skin peels off in layers).

The production is set to continue but I wonder if it will still receive a "Must see!" from the New York Post. I really hope no one bid on eBay item 200286213190.

Journal Standard

I can't say I know too much about the Japanese brand Journal Standard. But I have come to the conclusion that they are a very forward thinking brand with both men's and women's lines. Their collection consists of cut and sew, outwear, knits, denim, scarfs, shoes and even watches.

Journal Standard's version of the varsity jacket is anything but classic. An amalgamation of the Duffle coat, elements of a Peacoat and the classic Varsity Jacket. The jacket features classic leather sleeves, premium wool body, leather accents as well as classic white and red stripe accents. The added hood meets function and design, adding that extra flair. And I definitely think the classic Dufflecoat features set it off.

You better believe this will be on Kanye's wish list.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Neighborhood online exclusive release Friday, December 19th. The hooded sweatshirt features Neighborhood abbreviated moniker NBHD on the chest and comes in two colors, black and grey. Available at Neighborhood.jp/Store.php for 19,950 YEN ($266 CDN).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10.Deep Holiday Preview

Rogue Status x RDS

A little Canadian love to RDS (Red Dragon) and their recent collaboration with Rogue Status. Front features an oversized RDS logo (chinese character for "center") filled with the Rogue Status signature Gun Show print. The back features a co-branded print with RS block letters accented with Red Dragon flowing script. If you hurry you can still snatch this one up.

My Nike Windrunner

It is just a matter of time before we have the opportunity to customize everything and anything we buy. We already have Mishka with the online Custom Shop allowing us custom colorways, we have the Nike I.D. Studios, Oakley allowing custom colors and lens, and we even have the Bamford Watch Department offering up custom Rolex's starting at about $12,000.

Nike is at it again with another new concept of personalization with their My Nike Windrunner campaign. Currently the campaign is somewhat limited in color selection. However you can choose the top and bottom colors, zipper, and included a 10 character embroidery on the hood. Unfortunately at this time it is restricted to South East Asia. But give it 6 months...