Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Phillip Annand

This weeks Monday Morning Playlist features Phillip Annand, the owner and talented creative force behind the Award Tour. The Award Tour is a two part venture that incorporates a unique well-written blog and an impressive clothing line. As you may have guessed the name originated from a Tribe Called Quest song from their album "Midnight Marauders".

I will be the first to admit that prior to moving to New York my familiarity with The Award Tour was limited. Despite following Phil's blog on Hypebeast, where he blogged alongside some of the industries most influential designers and brand owners, I never really paid too much attention to what Phil was really about. A few weeks back Phillip came through the office and aside from being extremely down to earth he also had this swagger and ambiance about him that I immediately identified with. I decided to take a more in depth look at the brand and was immediately taken.

"The Award Tour is a feeling, not a tangible thing that you could hold in your hand. Not everyone can understand what Award Tour is because it is difficult for many people to allow themselves to fully taken up with the concept. The idea is life to the fullest potential in every single moment it is offered to you. Award Tour is the feeling of utter happiness and elation that you feel when you truly enjoy what you are doing."

I don't think there are any better words one could use to describe my own outlook and perspective on life. A lot of people take for granted the daily gift of life and endless possibilities we receive each day that can enable our pursuit of happiness as we work towards our personal goals. The fact of the matter is not everyone can comprehend this mentality and that is why I appreciate what Phillip is attempting to do. The Award Tour is a glowing example of risk taking in the pursuit of following your dreams. With the background laid I hand the blog over to Phillip to explain the thought behind this weeks musical arrangement.

"This playlist is more or less a rotation of what gets played throughout my room as I toil away in the design dungeon. Despite the fact that I hate being inside on the computer during beautiful days, it's pretty much necessary to do so. One of my only escapes from the drudgery is to allow some blazing compilations of musical nonsense to bounce off of every wall that surrounds me and take me to another place besides my work desk. Sounds a little corny and or contrived but it is the truth. So with that being said, what follows is my Life After Midnight Monday Morning Playlist".

"Starts with a little Yeasayer to transport the listener to some mad Native American dream world, finds it's way around a little rap in the middle and ends up with some Chaz Jenkle who may have created what is the best song of the 80's bar none. Had to do it. Oh yeah and that Marina and the Diamonds remix is crack rocks".

Yeasayer- Sunrise
Fool's Gold- Suprise Hotel
Fleet Foxes- English House
J Dilla & Madlib- Tonight
Little Brother- Hiding Place
Dom Kennedy- It Was Beautiful
Patrice Rushen- Forget Me Nots
Sebastien Tellier-La Ritournelle
Marina & the Diamonds- Obsessions (Body Language Remix)
Chaz Jankel-Number One

You can download today's playlist here. Also check out the Award Tour.