Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: LV Road Trip Music

With it heading into trade show season for 3sixteen and a majority of the clothing industry most of my time this week was spoken for. Thus I failed miserably at putting together a Monday Morning Playlist feature. As a result when Andrew suggested yesterday that we each compile a mix for our four hour drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas I decided to force my musical taste onto you as well. I spent quite some time narrowing down the list as this is the result I ended up with something like this. The playlist ended up being divided as follows: tracks (1-5) Up and Coming, (6-8) Mash/Remix, (9-10) Purple Pride, (11-15) Canadian, (16-19) Just Because. I like to think there is something for everyone.

You can download the playlist here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Adam Goldstein | March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009

It is hard to find words to describe someone whom you have never met or had the opportunity to see perform but there is no secret that Adam Goldstein was an extremely talented individual. Best known for his musical gifts behind the turntables as DJ AM, Goldstein was also the co-owner of popular Los Angeles night club LAX and would spin at Rain Nightclub every Friday night. Almost a year ago today Adam was involved in a near fatal plane crash with friend Travis Barker. Today we say goodbye to a significant figure in the music industry who will be missed by the industry and fans alike. Adam was found in his New York City apartment today by a close friend. I am sure details will pan out over the course of the next few days.

The Hundreds | Inaugural Magazine

Back in November I asked Bobby what projects he hoped to undertake in the future that would be a part of the Hundreds umbrella. He gave a few answers that are still under wraps but one of them as a print publication. At the time he told me it was just an idea but 9 months later the first issue of The Hundreds Magazine becomes a reality. Olivia Munn graces the inaugural issue that also features a profile on The Hundreds growing skate team. Congrats to The Hundreds guys. This is a big statement for The Hundreds who have grown their brand based on an online format. It is good to see that print is not dead.

(via. TheHundreds)

Mishka | Death Adders

The Death Adder New Era fitteds return in a fresh treatment of a classic. Not a stranger to mix and match materials the fall releases feature melton wool crown matched with a seude brim in a forest green and black as well as a burgundy and biege.

(via. MishkaNYC)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

DQM x Oakley | Frogskins

In late 2007 Oakley announced that they were going to resurrect, in very limited numbers, the popular 80's Frogskin frame. Oakley has had tremendous success with the decision and have partnered with some of the industries leaders to release limited runs. Some of the highlights that have caught our eyes have been most recently in the form of the Primitive collaboration and this DQM gem. Dave most definitely knows how to conceptualize. I spoke with Rhett Taylor over at Oakley to discuss the frame.

"Dave’s Quality Meats and Oakley have come together for what is perhaps the craziest and most iconic pair of Frogskins to date with their “Bacon” inspired sunglasses. DQM, a fashion boutique located in New York City’s trendy Lower East side, has been a huge Oakley supporter over the years. The collaborative efforts finally came to fruition with the help of Oakley Rep Joe Mata, Dave Ortiz of DQM and the Oakley team. Dave’s vision of the shade is truly captured in this one of a kind limited edition piece. The entire frame features a streaky bacon-esque design complete with matching micro bag both branded with the DQM logo. The Fire Iridium Lens sets off the frame perfect making it the complete package. The Frogskins hit DQM on Tuesday this past week with a limited run of 50 pairs"

The DQM is in the process of revamping the website so if you are hoping to get your hands on a pair (if not already sold out) you will have to make your way down to 7 East 3rd St or try your luck placing a phone order at 212.505.7551.

(via. Oakley/Rhett Taylor)

Today's Useless But Impressive Lesson | Everything's Good, Nobodies Happy

My girlfriend sent this over to me this morning. Great perspective on technology and our generation courtesy of comedian Louis CK.

What happened next, did you fly through the air like a bird? Enjoy.

The Hundreds | Fall 2009 Footware Drops Today

The Hundreds Fall 2009 Footware line-up drops today at THSF and THLA. The collection features the Johnson Mids ($75), Johnson Lows ($64), and Valenzuelas ($56) in fresh "fruit" inspired colorways. The Hundreds have taken a hiatus over the past few seasons from the tradeshow circuit but will be jumping back on this coming week showing at Capsule LV. Also the new online store in ten times better then the previous. You can see the line up in its entirety here.

(via. TheHundreds)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3sixteen | Autumn/Winter 2009 Lookbook

The gentlemen at 3sixteen have put together yet another captivating lookbook for their Autumn/Winter collection.

"We have spent the last several years searching for the right fabric mills and experienced sewers to produce each piece in the line. From our handmade in New York ties and shirtings, to our outerwear sewn in California, from our shoes meticulously crafted in Maine, to our leather goods cut in Oregon, we have built great relationships with people who live and breathe the stuff that they make. We trust that you will be able to see the effort poured into each garment down to the stitch. The season will ship in two deliveries; the first will begin arriving in stores in a few weeks and the second, with heavier pieces for the impending cold, will come a month after that."

3sixteen will be showing this coming week, September 1-2, at Capsule Las Vegas in the Murano Ballroom at the Venetian. The lookbook in its entirety is available here.

(via. 3sixteen)

Process Clothing Interiew | Larry Luk

A month or two ago I was checking out my daily blog circuit and saw that Process Clothing was having a little contest for some free swag. Never a stranger to taking my chances, I entered. A week later out of the blue I received an email from Larry Luk at Process informing me that though I didn't win he felt inclined to send me a shirt. We exchanged a few emails over the course of the next few weeks and he was gracious enough to not only do our Monday Morning Playlist feature but also answer a few questions. I found it intriguing to see such growth of a design studio and clothing line in somewhere other then a big market city like New York or LA where the resources and healthy competition are vast. I have been to Atlanta once in my life, April 3 of 2002 to be exact. I only know this because some how my Dad managed to snag tickets to Jordan's last game in Atlanta. Turned out to be a great game, Atlanta ended up winning 91-89. Something that did not lack in the arena was passion and excitement even though the Hawks finished the season with a record of 33-49. This Atlanta passion runs deep and is the same passion I see running through the veins of Process Clothing. Not only passion for Atlanta but also design, growth and creativity.

Can you give us a little background into how you and Georgios met?

We met on the first day of design school here in Atlanta. Our school is called, Portfolio Center (, and it's basically a no frills "factory" that is responsible for a lot of the talent out there in the design industry. Georgios and I soon realized that we shared the same aspirations to do more than just our design assignments and what our internships asked of us. We were constantly tantalized (sidetracked) by the trial and error process of silk-screening. Experimenting with inks and burn times, we eventually taught ourselves how to screen print, as we took over an old photography studio in the basement of the school (without asking). I'm not sure if the school was 100% cool with our unwarranted takeover of that studio, but they couldn't deny the passion we had for learning. We printed on anything we could get our hands on. Paper, fabric, and even all over the walls in that room! It's been a couple years since we both graduated from Portfolio Center yet that closet studio still exists! Someone there is carrying the torch! I've also been asked to teach at Portfolio Center this Fall, so I guess they weren't that mad at us.

Can you discuss briefly the process behind the Epidemik Coalition’s formation and how it has evolved to incorporate We Are The Process?

As I stated earlier, we were screenprinting like madmen and we formed a small gang for fun and called ourselves Epidemik Coalition. We started printing limited runs of tees because that's all we could afford to do and our limitations on-press afforded many challenges when it came to large runs and multi-color prints. Soon after that, The Museum of Design Atlanta caught wind of us, and asked us to exhibit some of our tees in their upcoming show, "To A T". I believe that was in October of 2005.Members of our crew came and went but Georgios and I continued to share the same passion for work. As graduation from Portfolio Center came around, we already had a small client list for our design services and we had accomplished several exciting projects with some of our mentors. We decided to take that momentum with us and officially opened for business as Epidemik Coalition (the design company) the day after graduation. started out as a blog to showcase the work we were doing in our infancy. It has grown into much more than that, as we update daily with news, interviews, commentary, portfolio updates, music, and much more relating to design and our community here in Atlanta. About a year out of school, we decided that we wanted to take our clothing more seriously. We pow-wowed with several friends and discussed what they'd want to see in a brand coming out of Atlanta and we arrived at the name We Are The Process. Enjoying the process, as it leads to the result of any creative endeavor, is crucial. We figured that if this line was going to get off the ground, it wasn't going to rely on one or two people. It was going to require contributions from our friends, families, drinking buddies, DJs, promoters, store owners, and anyone else that has something positive to contribute. Hence the emphasis on "We" in "We Are The Process". From that point, it took another year to design, promote, get samples made, sell, produce, and we finally just launched our first season this past March.

How many people are involved with your team?

Georgios and I are the main graphic designers. Then we have Ted, our web guru, Jorge our design council and photographer, Ross and Joe that keep us up to date on what's poppin' in the photo world, and Chris who does anything and everything asked of him. Georgios and I also share the duties of overseeing production and going on press checks.

But like I said, it's an extended family that allows our brand to do what we want it to do. If it weren't for our support system, we'd be closing up shop. It's not to say that we've "made it" by any means. We have a long road ahead of us, and a lot more lumps to take. We're new to the clothing "game" (I hate that term) and we don't know all the rules and we're not part of any streetwear-mafiosos-tradeshow-squad either. Our family is small and we're trying to grow it without becoming clowns. Our philosophy is:

1) Design integrity rules all else
2) Idiotic statement tees are a no-no
3) Never "mail-it-in" when it comes to design
4) Grow relationships

What is the ATL art/creative/design community like?

Some people aren't going to like what I say here, but I'm just gonna keep it real:

The ATL creative community is pretty small. It's one of those cities that hasn't fully embraced design. Local business owners, restaurants, and other upstarts (like underground rappers) often don't understand branding and often struggle to put their best foot forward. You'll find a lot of creative people who aren't natively from Atlanta. So a lot of these folks have a lot of ideals and experiences to bring to the table. It's unfortunate that with all this talent here, people turn around and hire their cousin who has a cracked copy of Photoshop to do their identities for a cheap price.

You would think it would be different with an international company like Coca-Cola here in town, but it seems that they are the biggest purveyors for good design here in town, it's just not registering with all the other "hustlers" out there. We're doing our part (along with many of our counterparts here in town) to educate the city of the importance of design, but it's definitely not going to change overnight.

On the site you seem to do a fair amount of interviews with local musicians and artists, why is it important for you to?

Our weekly "Set It Off" interviews are important to us because it provides a new reader (or someone that wants to get involved with the scene in Atlanta) a genealogy of who's who. It's great to look back and see how the city is interconnected with great people and hopefully can help put ATL on more peoples' radars.

E.C./Process has worked with Estate LA. Are there any future collaboration projects in the works?

We are definitely planning on working with Estate LA more. They are a quality company with a grassroots mentality that reminds us of ourselves. There are a few other things in the works with close friends of ours and stores that carry our product, but I can't give away any details at this point.

What would be the ideal or dream collaboration project for E.C./Process?

I'd love to work with the big 'ole Swoosh (Nike) or that lovable Dynamic Ribbon of optimism (Coca-Cola). We've actually done some graphic design and consulting work for both companies on a small scale, but a collaboration with our clothing line would be on a whole 'nother level.

There are so many efforts in this industry with no-concept, that there are only a handful of other clothing brands that we continually enjoy and would like to work with. A few of them are Maharishi, Levi's, 3sixteen, Benny Gold, Mash, Wood Wood, Marc Newson, & Kim Jones.

It is probably safe to say that Process is strongly rooted in graphic tees (aside from some headwear). Are there any plans to expand the line and if so what can we expect from E.C. and Process for upcoming collections?

Our roots were in graphic tees (from our design school days) so it was natural for us to start there. We have some big plans for Fall '09 and Spring '10, but you're going to have to keep up with our blog ( and our online store ( in the coming weeks/months to see that stuff. You should have them bookmarked anyway! To answer your question: Yes, we have a lot of great things in the works.

What, in your eyes, is the best kept secret in ATL?

Wow, it's gonna be hard to name just one, so I'll make a little list:

1) The 10pm burger at Holeman & Finch - You can only order it after 10pm and they only make 24 per day. It's a great burger and it's "Limited Edish" every night. Ha!

2) El Bar - My favorite place to hang out. The music is always bangin' and people come there to have a good time. No pretention, douchebags tend to avoid it, and all my best friends love to hang out there as well. Make sure you order a Bear Fight if you go there.

3) The Atlanta Hawks - Don't sleep on 'em this season! Playoff games at Philip Arena are bananas!

What is the staple piece of your wardrobe?

I gotta say the tee shirt. I own way too many of them and I wear them every day.

As a designer what is an essential tool for you and how does it strengthen your design?

I'd have to go with my sketchbook on that one. If you don't start there, you're doing yourself, your team, and your clients a disservice. Your damn MacBook is really just another tool and doesn't automatically make you a designer. I don't care how long you've been a designer... If you don't sketch first, your shit'll probably stank.

Thanks for the time Larry.

(photo by Kevin Byrd)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stussy New York | Grand Opening

It didn't take long for the old Union NYC stomping grounds to be replaced by Stussy New York. The original Stussy New York location at 121 Wooster St closed in late August of 2008 but speculate was that it would not be long before a new Stussy popped up.

Almost a year later and Stussy New York again graces the New York City store front just blocks from the previous location. The turn around on the store from Union to Stussy took just over a month and resembles the former both exterior and interior.

If you are in the area head down and check it out. For the opening their is several limited pieces including the Timberland Chukka Boot collaboration.

Stussy New York City

176 Spring Street | Map
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-226-8493

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 11 am to 7 pm
Friday - Saturday: 11 am to 7:30 pm
Sunday: Noon to 6 pm

(Info and Photos courtesy of Poe at Freshness)

In4mation | Fall 2009

Here are a few candids from the 2009 In4mation Fall look book. The combination of a stunning setting and great clothes made for an overall captivating look book. Among the collection are crewnecks, denim, houndstooth shorts, plaid button ups and some outerwear pieces. The collection overall turned out great with my eye being drawn to the shorts, hoods and plaids in particular.

You can view Fall in its entirety here.

(via. MashKulture/In4mation)

Benny Gold | Doughboy Fitted and Rebel 8 Collab

The one man team of Benny Gold continues to impress with a few great projects coming out shortly. The first is a variation of his Doughboy fitted that came out late last year. Three new colorways featuring a new airplane buffalo plaid and satin lining. The second is a much anticipated Rebel 8 collaboration project. Above is the first of three t-shirts and a New Era. The first of the collection drops tomorrow at 8 am PST and is limited to 88 pieces retailing for $32.

(via. BennyGold/Rebel 8)

Monday, August 24, 2009

No Party Like A Girl Talk Party | Williamsburg Jelly NYC Pool Party

It was a good week for music. Thursday my weekend was jump started at the 10.Deep x Donnis mixtape launch party and this past Sunday I headed to Williamsburg East River Waterfront Park to check out one of the few remaining free summer concerts of the Jelly NYC Pool Parties series. Yesterday featured sets by Max Tundra, an English singer and music producer who plays every instrument that you can hang around your neck or blow into. Max was followed up Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa who not only has one of the best chains in the game and a million dollar smile but also tracks to back. Wiz's set exceed my expectations and I am sure it won't be long until he is a house hold name.

By the time Girl Talk took the stage this was the scene, about 8,500 deep. Outside the grounds a lineup spanned a few blocks as the event was over capacity. So much so that the show stopped about 40 minutes in to repair the broken stage.
I remember seeing Girl Talk in Winnipeg at some grimmy spot a few years ago and I thought it was crazy. Dude has a ton of contagious energy and you can't help but have a good time...unless you are security.

The one bright side to getting to the concert early, aside from a good spot, is chatting it up with the headliner prior to a legendary performance. Didn't want to bust out the camera and be that guy who draws attention but thanks to this dude the moment is forever frozen in time. Gregg must be doing something right dawning Jordan III's.

Visvim | Fall Winter 2009 FBT Classic

If only the Visvim crew read my blog. They would be so ecstatic that LAM featured their gorgeous shoe that they would find it necessary to overnight a pair to me as a token of their gratitude....reality kicks in and I am left eyeing the intangible FBT Classic. The moccasin-esqe detailed shoe highlights the Visvim Fall/Winter 2009 collection. The shoe is being served up in three colorways - brown, black and beige. The shoe features suede uppers and bead detail on leather laces. The shoes will hit select retailers over the next week or so. Good luck finding these in North America.

(via. Highsnobiety)

Asher Roth feat. Keri Hilson | She Don't Want A Man Video

(via. OnSmash)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Larry Luk

This weeks Monday Morning Playlist features the musical tastes of Epidemik Coalition's and Process Clothing co-founder Larry Luk. A little background on Mr. Larry Luk would go something like this: Larry graduated from Emory University in Atlanta in 2003 with a BFA in Film Studies and upon completing his degree enrolled at The Portfolio Center where he spent two years honing his design skills. During his two year stint at TPC he met Georgios Saliaris who shared a similar vision. The two harvested this passion in the basement of TPC and founded what is known today as the Epidemik Coalition. Epidemik Coalition is a creative design agency in Atlanta that recently took their passion for fashion to the next level with the creation of an inhouse clothing line called Process Clothing that launched March of this past year. Process Clothing served as a tangible extension of their creativity and an avenue to experiment with new techniques and concepts. What transpired is a collection built on popular Atlanta culture with shirts and fitteds based on Braves mascot Chief Nokahoma to shirts entitled "Dirty Bird" eluding to the dance made popular by Falcons Jamal Anderson (but created by O.J. Santiago) to their newly christened Process mascot Maddie the Tomahawk Girl. Larry was kind enough to answer a few questions that give an indepth look at the company and that will be posted up on Wednesday. Enjoy.
"I'm not a morning person, and I prefer to keep to myself and my headphones on Monday mornings. Here's a mix of some stuff I've been enjoying lately, with some ATL flavor sprinkled in here and there. I've been a rock kid my whole life but ATL has changed me and I really enjoy listening to some of my favorite local DJs do their thing to tracks we all know. I live for remixes now. My intention for this playlist is to help someone get their day or week started with some rock and ending with some remixes and dubstep staples that've been pounding down the Ponce de Leon corridor of Atlanta. By the time I'm done listening to these tracks (in order) I'll be ready to be a contributing member to society again."

Soko - I'll Kill Her
M83 - Graveyard Girl
Pixies - Debaser
U.S. Royalty - Every Summer
Zwan - Honestly
The Black Lips - Bad Kids
Ponderosa - Got No Time
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
New Order - Temptation
Lil Wayne - A Milli (Rob Wonder Remix)
DJ Smiles - Atlanta Bitch
Dan Black - HYPNTZ
La Roux - In For the Kill (Last Japan Skream ReEdit)

You can download Larry's picks here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

10.Deep Fall 2009 Delivery 1 | Proud To Be A Problem

The 10.Deep Fall Collection celebrates the underdog story, problem child, and social outsiders. The line is nothing less then what we have come to expect from the 10.Deep camp. From bold graphics to striking plaid shirts The Tenth Division continues to produce, in my opinion, some of the finest street clothing on the market. 10.Deep has done a very good job of creating a buzz around the fall lineup. Early last week they hit the trail and covered New York in wheatpaste posters announcing fall, Thursday was the 10.Deep x Donnis Mixtape event and the steady stream of promotional videos for Donnis and the Fall line continues to make the circuit around the web. Next week the crew heads to Vegas to show at Capsule. Mash is on crack for giving this a 4/10.

(via. Mash/10.Deep)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Converse One | Orchard St. New York

Walking to work every morning I have the pleasure of strolling Orchard Street. I start at Grand and Orchard passing Guss' Pickles and the Staple Design Studio, the next block I pass Earnest Sewn, Amoskeag and the Orchard Tenement Museum. The block before Reed Space, Shut Skateboards and Self Edge is a waste land of cookie cutter leather jacket, knockoff sunglass and essentially Michael Jackson tribute tee shirt shops. All the store owners are on the street hoping to get you into the store to purchase a leather body bag - in this summer heat.

I was walking the block today and I passed this window display that looked a little displaced due to the lack of side walk tables. Looks like Converse will be opening a Converse One studio on the block between Delancey and Rivington. Converse One is similar to Nike I.D. Studios so to speak. Converse Studios allow their patrons to come in pick a shoe and ultimately become the designer picking custom fabric prints, laces etc. You can currently do this online here but now it appears Converse connisseurs can have a heighten experience by coming into the store on Orchard. No word on when it is opening but build out is underway.

Donnis Diary of an Atlanta Brave Mixtape Download

The much anticipated Donnis Diary of an Atlanta Brave Mixtape is available for free download here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Donnis Diary of an Atlanta Brave Mixtape Trailer

Donnis: Diary Of An Atlanta Brave Trailer from DONNIS on Vimeo.

Nixon Elite Ceramic Collection | Fall 2009

The Nixon Ceramic Collection gets a new face for this upcoming fall in the form of the Ceramic 51-30. The watches are made entirely of ceramic with Swiss components. No real change with the Nixon Ceramic Player as it continues to be offered up in both black and white. The collection sees the newish addition of a white 51-30. The Nixon site also has the 42-20 listed in the Elite Ceramic collection but word yet to see what will be happening with that. The working pieces are enclosed in a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The watches list out at $1,400 (Player) and $2,400 (51-30) respectively. In all honesty I would take one of these over a Rolex any day.

(via. NixonNow)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maestro Knows - Season 2 - Episode 5

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 (Japan) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

The Hundreds Sunglasses | Teaser

Bobby so casually released an image of what appears to be a pair of signature Hundreds sunglasses in a tortoise/olive/brown frame. The frames appear to feature 'The Hundreds' on the outer arms and also feature a substantial quote on the inside of the frames.

(via. TheHundreds)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Chill Track: "Heartless" - The Fray

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

It amazes me how changing the tempo of a song and stripping away the layers of artificial sounds can evoke so much more emotion.