Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Playlist: Sarah Kim

I met Sarah Kim a few months ago when she came through the 3sixteen offices. Sarah is the Editorial and Fashion Assistant at Antenna Magazine. If you are not familiar with Antenna Magazine it is essentially the first mainstream print publication that targets the latest products and compiles them into an extensive guidebook.

Sarah's recent claim to fame (and one of here secret longings fufilled) came at Capsule Las Vegas this past September where she managed to not only meet Bobby Hundreds but also solidify a spot on
The Hundreds Blog. And now she can add first female Monday Morning Playlist.

Five things people don't likely know about me are...

1. I've never had a desire to move to New York at all. I actually came kicking and screaming the whole way. West Coast Best Coast. Things change and I absolutely love it now.

2. I have like 35 watches I rotate through and almost none of them work.

3. I'm athletic and super competitive. I play to win. I can probably throw a football further than any girl you know. (I'm down to back this statement up at any time if need be)

4. I front like I'm from California but I was born and raised in Washington state.

5. I'm a Christian. It's not a religion, it's a lifestyle.

Five things I don't leave home without are...

1. Bible

2. Moleskine skinny notebook

3. Moleskine planner

4. Blackberry

5. Make up (I always hated that lady that did her make up on the train, but I'm SOO her. I'm infamously late and it just saves so much time)

My five favorite spots in New York City are...

Being a broke assistant who works late hours and loves sleeping doesn't allow for much exploring so a lot of the places are either touristy and/or just overpriced food places. In no particular order:

1. Battery Park. Off to the side there's a smaller park and I could sit there all day people watching and staring at the water and writing and thinking and blah blah blah.

2. In K-town, there's this coffee bakery shop called Koryodang. It's hella overpriced and not like really really great but it's still one of my spots. I love their vanilla chai and green tea shaved iced. A lot good talks with a lot good peoples have gone down there.

3. This isn't in the city, but there is this lovely cemetery in Queens and some mornings I go there and just walk around. It's so so green and so so quiet, it's unlike any other place in New York for me. There's this bench and a row of trees and at the end of the trees, a statue of Jesus on the cross. That bench is like my all time favorite spot.

4. Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II. It's just so girlie and so cute. I know it's not like some small hole in the wall coffee shop and I know there are probably amazing ones, but their scones are money as is their vanilla coconut tea.

5. Sushi Samba on Park Ave South. Happy Hour 3 dollar spicy tuna. It's a good look I think.

If I wasn't working at Antenna I would be...

In Italy (I've never been to Italy Europe for that matter, I just hear I'd like it a lot) or in grad school getting some sort of degree having to do with the social psychology of clothing or trying to get a job at the Hundreds.

The best thing about Antenna Mag is...

The people. Hands down. That was like the easiest question of all time. I work with the coolest, nicest, most creative, funniest people ever. AND Dance parties with my editor in the office. It's not like we get up and go crazy, but just like fist pump to something like Beyonce Diva or Jamie Foxx ft T Pain Blame it on the Alcohol. We then get

yelled at by some gentleman in the neighboring office and then I have to apologize when all parties involved know it's happened before and know it's going to happen again.

An item that was featured in our magazine that I didn't want to send back was...

All the Moleskines we featured in Unlimited Edition in our Fall 09 issue. They were so so pretty.

My favourite book is...

The Bible, more specifically Philippians. Haha you could've guessed I'd say the bible right? Second to that would be either Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban or the Alchemist or Calvin and Hobbes.

If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life they would be...

These vintage snake skin pumps I got from my grandma. I only say it cause they're so clean and so classy and cause I never have opportunities to wear them. I feel so ladylike in them, like I should be wearing white gloves and a nice quilted Chanel number.

Here are Sarah's picks for her Monday Morning Playlist:

1. Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody?
2. Beyonce - Dangerously in Love 2
3. Hillsong - You Deserve
4. Hillsong - Where We Belong
5. Jay Z - Thank You
6. Jay Z ft Kanye West - Hater
7. Jay Z ft Pharrell - So Ambitious
8. Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats
9. Kanye West - Good Morning
10. Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor
11. Lupe Fiasco - Gold Watch
12. Lupe Fiasco - Real
13. MGMT - Electric Feel
14. Nas - Hip Hop is Dead
15. Nas - If I Ruled the World
16. Nas - NY State of Mind

You can download Sarah's Playlist here.