Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Edifice Jersey Jacket x Relwen Rib Shawl Jacket

I have heard and read blogs where people are saying that a lot of cut and sew and outerwear look as though they have been cut from the same cloth.  And I believe that to be a fair statement in a sense.  However there are a few brands out there and a few pieces that catch my eye and give me that glimpse of hope.  Last year it was the 3sixteen Field Jacket.  

Here is a little preview of some pieces that have caught my eye as of late.  I can't say that I like everything that Edifice and Relwen are doing but I think these two pieces are really nice.

I am a big fan of this Edifice Jersey Jacket.  I can't say I know anything about the brand other then the fact that they are from Japan and there stuff is pretty exclusive here in Canada.  It is available online at Style Cruise Japan for 16,800 yen which is $220 CDN.

And then there is this Rib Shawl Jacket from Relwen.  It is pretty similar to the Edifice piece and probably why I like it so much.  However I am sure over the next six months we will see numerous pieces that look similar to these two.  Just a matter of time.

(via Selectism)