Friday, March 20, 2009

Walls Notebook - For All You Graffiti Writers Out There

Two ways to look at the Walls Notebook.  The first maybe talented graffiti writers will take their talents to a 9 x 11 sketchbook and there will be a cut down in vandalism...probably not. The second, more planned tags on well known New York public spaces...Probably.  Go Make art.

Its probably best described by the creators of the 80 page sketchbook. "Not ready for jail, fines, or involuntary community service, but still want to vandalize someones wall?  With the Walls notebook you can exercise your creative mischief on 80 untouched New York City walls - without fear of repercussions or reprisal".  

Available at, Barnes and Noble and Borders for around $11.

(via HypeBeast)