Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Questions with Levi Maestro

There are two things I now look forward to each week.  The first is, what has become a very confusing season of Lost.  The second, is the weekly Maestro Knows episode.  So every Tuesday, people like me, can sit back and live a day in LA through Levi and MJ. 

The former Las Vegas resident moved to Los Angeles three years ago to pursue a career in film and music cinematography.  From there he worked his way into an internship with Dave Meyers.  Dave Meyers is the music video director that is responsible for such classics as Jay-Z's 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder', The Dave Matthews Band 'The Space Between' and the Grammy award winning Missy Elliot 'Lose Control' video.  Motivated by music and film he embarked on the Maestro Knows project which features a normal day in the life.  His strong understanding of the importance of networking has allowed him to captivate the online audience as we are given a glimpse of Los Angeles through the eyes of one of the industries up and comers.  

We emailed him after the premiere of the first episode to congratulate him, not really expecting to hear anything back.  But a few days later we had exchanged a few emails and he agreed to be a part of our first 10 Questions With and next weeks Monday Morning Playlist.  

We asked Levi a couple questions regarding the show and what to expect which was followed by a few randoms...enjoy.

Where did the idea/concept for Maestro knows evolve from?

I feel as though I'm really blessed to wake up everyday and do something I want with my life, and part of that is credited to living in Los Angeles. So I wanted to showcase it for people to see

What is an average day in the life of Mr. Levi Maestro?

The average day is whatever you see in the episodes, there is nothing contrived, it's the real deal.

What are your ambitions with “Maestro Knows”? (How many episodes can we expect?)

I'm going to leave that TBD. I will tell you to keep your eyes open because there's no turning back now, it's a full fledged project, no games none of that. If you start watching you'll see what the episode schedule is.

If you and MJ could do an episode of Maestro Knows with any celebrity or industry person, whom would it be and why?

It's always someone I know. The show is really about showcasing my network of people and what they do, but each episode is tailored to our relationship. With that said I guess I would most like to know Eva Mendes =).

Any insight to what we can expect from future episodes?

Yep, a lot of good music, some good girls, a look at a lot of people doing good stuff in LA and outside too, I'll be traveling soon.

Do you have a staple piece/or go to item in your wardrobe?

Yes, the red & black flannel I seem to be wearing every day.

If you could acquire any streetwear brand or shop, which would it be and why?

UNDFTD. Every project they do is solid top to bottom, they have Los Angeles covered. Plus they have a great image. Their product is thorough and consistent, you know what buying.

If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?

Dunno, probably original black and red Jordan 1's.

How many snapbacks do you own?

The amount to where I still want many more!!

If you could take credited for any music video (directing/producing) which would it be?

N.E.R.D. - "She Wants To Move" directed by Dave Meyers.

Thanks for your time Mr. Maestro...looking forward to future projects.  You can follow Levi and the Maestro Knows series here.

(photo by Ryan Lusteg)