Saturday, April 11, 2009

William Spencer "Hollarado!"

I'll be the first to admit I can't skate worth crap. And when I see someone like William Spencer, 5'10" 137 pounds, do a running backflip down stairs...well I have no words to describe the feeling...or words to describe what he does. All I know is he has probably never lost a game of SKATE.

To put into perspective, Spencer (25) earned a six-page spread in Thrasher magazine for a running frontflip down 10 concrete stairs at Denver's Civic Center, landed on his skateboard and rod away. The 'trick' was featured in The Denver Shop's (Brothers Board) video "Hollarado!". And as a result Spencer is now a stunt double/actor. He has performed in commercials for Mountain Dew (directed by Forest Whitaker) and rumor has it a stunt double for Orlando Bloom in a Shiseido Uno hair gel ad. MTV even filmed a television plot around his life.

Check out the article from the Denver Post from earlier this year. Well worth the read.

(via. DenverPost)