Sunday, October 4, 2009

DunkXchange NYC | Event Recap

The fourth annual DunkXchange NYC went down this weekend at the Orensanz Event Center on Norfolk in the Lower East Side. A portion of today's admission will be directed towards helping Rich and the Holy Grail rebound from the looting and rioting that took place after this years Los Angeles Laker Championship. As a result, attendance was bountiful and the shoe prostitution was in full force. Pretty much any shoe you could imagine was available however the tough part was finding your size. Definitely a few gems in the mix if you were willing to search amongst the crowded tables. I witnessed a few transactions on the Yeezy's which ranged from $375 - $420. Aside from the Yeezy's the Unkle's and What The Dunks seemed to be a highly sought after shoe. But I am sure everyone had their eye on their own prize.

The Orensanz Event Center is a stunning venue. Over the course of the year, the city own building, houses numerous events including the (capsule) New York tradeshow. The event was dispersed over three floors. In the basement you had the SoleFood table and owner Mike Cole serving up custom kicks and a custom Pumpkin ice cream flavour from the Ice Cream Factory. The main floor you had the majority of the kids and tables including Flud Watches and Yote. The top floor housed a few start up tee lines and another 6 or 7 sneaker tables.

A part of the draw to this years event was the musical guests. Among the performers were Chace Infinite of Self Scientific as well as Saigon. It is just a matter of time before both performers become household names. Chace's mixtape 'I Would Have Killed This' is available for download on October 27th. Saigon may be better known for his re-occurring role on Entourage but the 32 can not only rhyme but can also work a crowd. Saigon spent 7 years in prison and upon his release founded Abandoned Nation a non-profit foundation that proves support for the children of incarcerated parents. He is currently signed under Amalgam Digital and Just Blaze's Fort Knocks Entertainment record label with an album slated for later this month.

DunkXchange came through with a great selection of shoes, a couple really good musical performances all sprinkled with a handful of bush league t-shirt companies. For more photos of today's event check out our photostream here.