Thursday, October 8, 2009 | Website Goes Live

After months of beta testing has gone live. is a San Francisco based online marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade lifestyle products from sneakers to fitteds. The site is the brain child of HUF SF web manager, Rudy Sigua, who self funded the project after the realization that the street market lacked a proper outlet for sneaker and streetwear connesieurs to buy, sell and trade product.

It has become evident that if you are not living in New York, Los Angeles or the Bay area it is extremely difficult to get your hands on seasonal and limited releases. For those located outside of the United States shipping costs are a big deterrent from purchasing online and placing phone orders. This may offer a nice alternative to get your hands on past and present pieces.

WSW provides the products in a much more visually pleasing and viewer friendly manner then their counterparts. WSW brings together the ideals of the Hypebeast Marketplace and an eBay - minus the outrageous listing and percentage fees of eBay. The site does offer up three different listing add on levels: a Basic seven day free listing, a Standard $1 14 day listing with customizable features and a Premium 30 day $20 unlimited monthly subscription. Wallstreetwear is a much cleaner approach to the online marketplace allowing buyers and seller, interested in streetwear and sneakers, to connect on a local and international level.

My predictions are WSW, like many online marketplaces, will be swooped up by eBay in 6 months and mandatory listing fees will be implemented. But for now I am going to clean out my closet and jump on board.