Friday, October 30, 2009

Time Square | Shepard Fairey for Levi's

Shepard Fairey and the Obey team have spent the last few days here in New York dealing with the ongoing copyright infringement vs. fair use suit with the Associated Press. AP photographer Mannie Garcia and the AP are counter-suing Shepard over a photograph of Barack Obama taken in April 2006 in which Shepard has admitted to using as the reference image for his Hope Campaign.

What I find intriguing about the lawsuit is that the hundreds of thousands of dollars made from the selling of prints, buttons, and t-shirts depicting the President was used to support the campaign and in essence Mr. Fairey received no financial gain from the image itself. He may have attracted future business and press from the work but not once did he pocket money from the image.

All that aside Shepard Fairey capped off his trip in New York by doing a live installation in Time Square last night which was followed by an instore signing at Levi's promoting their recent collaboration.

Obey teamed up with Levi's to release a limited run of items that include a skinny black 511 jean ($128), a distressed denim jacket with built in terry hood ($148), and an Obey x Levi's graphic tee ($34.50).

A huge thanks to Chris Broders for making the evening a very memorable one.