Friday, October 9, 2009

Week In Photos | Life of an Intern

I was hit with the realization this week that my internship with 3sixteen is slowly drawing to end. With that in mind I felt inclined to drag the Canon Rebel XT around. I have always admired Bobby of The Hundreds for lugging his camera around with him everywhere, something that I haven't quit got accustomed to. I will be the first to admit I know next to nothing about photography. Case and point I bought a 15mm Fisheye lens for my camera on eBay only to find out that my sensor or something isn't large enough to obtain the full fisheye effect. As a result I get these semi warped photos which initially bummed me out but have slowly grown on me. I will let you be the judge.

So Canadian coffee giant Tim Horton's decided to open up 12 locations in New York back in July. I was actually kind of stoked. Andrew and I talked about checking one out for a few weeks now and Tuesday he made the executive decision. So Wednesday morning we met up at the 1286 Broadway location before knocking off a 'To Do List' in the Garment District.

The entire subway ride I was focused on getting an Ice Cap with chocolate milk and a plain bagel toasted with strawberry cream cheese. I pretty much lived on that combination through University. So you can imagine my disappointment when I was informed that the Ice Cap machine was out of commission, no plain bagels were on hand and no chocolate milk. I settled on an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and an ice tea.

Tim Horton's New York gets two thumbs down...way down.

From Tim Horton's we made our way through the garment district looking at fabrics, checking production pieces and meeting with some of our sample makers. My one productive day of the week.

Closed out Wednesday posted up at Allen and Stanton enjoying the cool breeze with one of Andrew's good friends Wilson who is quite the cigar connoisseur.

The best thing about being in the Lower East Side is the abundance of cheap food. For under $5 you can attack the 2 slice special at Ciao Bella, if you are in a rush you can grab some cubed fish in corn sauce on rice from Congee Village, if you want something a little different you can indulge in some roast duck and pork on rice on Grand St and if you feel like sweating while you eat and are looking for an unhealthy portion of food the sweet and sour pork from Double Dragon II on 1st ave is your spot. However you come to a point where you feel like your neck is about to eat your face and your pee glows in the dark, a friendly reminder you need to shape up your eating habits. So Thursday I was determined to drag Andrew and Shimon to Russ and Daughters for some egg and tuna salad. We almost made it but a pit stop at Georgia's East Side BBQ at 192 Orchard resulted in some Southern Hospitality. Not going to lie it was delicious.

We proceeded to head back to work for a couple hours. As the day was coming to a close Andrew spotted a sign across the street at The Dog House announcing free hot dogs. So the remainder of the day was spent chatting with a bartender who was convinced everyone was gay (including Barack Obama and Eminem). This spot is one of the best kept secrets in New York - not because of the free hot dogs, service or drinks but it is home to the only Buck Hunter knock off that I have come across in the city. Looking for a challenger...

Only regret was taking my camera to Andrews for a hotpot dinner without a CF card. The time I suck it up to drag the camera with me and all I can do is work on my short term composition skills. Incredible array of delicious food. I missed out big time with no camera. Lunch today...a banana.