Thursday, January 14, 2010

FUCT | 'The Doctrine' Part 1

SLAMXHYPE recently caught up with Erik Brunetti of Fuct fame to discuss all things relevant to the resurgence of one of the innovators of streetwear. The brand itself has evolved under a new guise and motivation expanding into a larger medium, film. It seems fitting and a naturally move for Mr. Brunetti to explore film as much of his inspirations seems to have various pop culture and film reference.

Above is the intro to the FUCT site which in my eyes takes this clothing thing to a new level. The technically sound two and a half minute piece was written, directed and scored by Erik and is the first of three episodes to appear on the site.

“For 2010 I will begin presenting a trilogy of FUCT commercials, the next logical step, given the fact that I reference much from cinema pop culture. I feel this is a major push in the right direction for my brand within our industry, as we have the ability to do anything with the digital tools available to us.

My decision to take our home page one step farther, (i.e. actually making my own films, as opposed to showing films I reference) came via the Internet / hypesites, after reading about lesser, younger companies, as well as over paid art directors complaining about how ” it’s all been done, where can we go from here, streetwear is dead…etc.” I find those statements and sentiments defeatist. The sky is the limit as to what can be achieved. “

Definitely worth the read.

(via. slamxhype)