Thursday, January 21, 2010

FUCT SSDD | Okayama Selvedge Denim

A preview of the first two releases of the FUCT SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) raw and dirty washed denim. The denim is made of Okayama Selvedge denim form Okayama Japan. Okayama is home to roughly 100 family-owned factories that serve Japan's designer market being utilized by brands like Dior Homme, Sling & Stones, Diesel and Dolce and Gabbana. Many of these factories have maintained century old methods resulting in a superior denim.

The FUCT SSDD denim features all YKK New Max metal trims a replica of vintage Scovill trims (1820 USA trims which are no longer in business, YKK bought the rights of the Scovill trim shapes).

(via. FUCT/SSDD)