Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moving | Diamond Supply Co.

The Diamond Supply Co store has become a fixture on North Central Los Angeles's Fairfax Ave. The Diamond store opened in 2007 amongst The Hundreds, Alife (at the time), Flight Club LA, Supreme and Hall of Fame which all called Fairfax home. Alife was the first to move off the block, relocating to North Cahuenga to open a full blown retail store.

Nick went to his twitter today to announce that the Diamond Supply Co. store will be relocating to a bigger and better space. No real details on when the store will officially close or where they will be relocating to. Details to follow.
Those who are in Los Angeles keep your eyes open for a full fledged sale in the coming week. I am sure there will be mounds of stuff to liquidate before making the move.

(via. DiamondSupplyCo.)