Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Architecture | Robert M. Cain and Steve Lazar

As of late it seems I am spending more time on blogs like ArchPlanner and ChicTip scouring posts and posts of captivating and stunning architecture. After a few weeks of wasted time I think that in the scenario where I win a lottery or sign some sort of recording contract my first call would be to Robert M. Cain or Steve Lazar to build my dream house. Both architects are beyond talented and honestly I think I could study these compositions, balance and lines all day.


Robert M. Cain is an architect based in Atlanta, GA. His work has received world wide recognition and accolades.

This particular house, known as the RainShine House, is a 2,800 sq. foot modern styled home erected in Decatur, Georgia. The project was the recipient of a Platinum LEED award for Eco-Friendly construction.

One of the key features of the design is the Butterfly Roof. It is designed to capture rainfall for a rain harvest system located in the basement. The home is oriented to maximize southern exposure with a roof mounted photovoltaic system.

Check out the mastery of the interior and his many other works here.

Lazar Design / Build is based in Manhattan Beach. The particular design that caught my attention is their Lifeguard Tower Residence. The design is based on the classic architecture of old guard towers and the coast of Maine and Cape Cod.

The four bedroom, three bath 3,400 sq meters residence and the interior is seconds from Manhattan Beach. The interior cascades with white pine, stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops.

I particular like how Steve Lazar made use of the narrow lot and the attention to detail in-particular the lighting chosen that adds to the aesthetically charged home.

And let's not over look the view from the rooftop. I probably would never leave either of these homes.