Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wednesday Recommended Reading

It's safe to say that the last two or three weeks have lacked some sufficient content. I recently started a new job that has taken away from the countless hours I used to post up in front of my Macbook mashing refresh on over flowing Vienna. So in the absences of some good quality content I encourage you to check out some of our favourite blogs.

Hypebeast editor and Hong Kong resident Eugene Kan started a self titled solo project this past year. The site was a platform to explore a more personal approach to blogging. A very well connected individual the site features some really great content that you won't likely find anywhere else. One of my favourite features is the regular "Link Dump", which is an eclectic collection of some of the most intriguing articles and videos on the internet ranging from industry relevant articles to obscure WTF content. Eugene is also busy curating "Day Job? - The Photo Exhibition" which opens this Friday in Hong Kong. The show, organized by Kan, will benefit the International Center of Photography. The show features photos by Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Jon Warren (Vans), Neek (Stussy), and Ephraim Chiu (Capita Snowboarding).Details. @EugeneKan

If you are looking for some intriguing photography look no further than The Angry Penguin. Brendan McInerney recently made the move to the Big Apple to pursue the world of photography. At the moment he is working with Ray and Denis over at Mighty Healthy as a Photographer/Designer. The shots are sort of dispersed amongst two sites with some great spontaneous party recap shots on his blog Vanity Loves Company, and his uncanny ability to capture photos of meticulous composition over at The Angry Penguin. Laura Austin over at Rad Collector caught up with Brendan recently so if you have a minute check it out.

Doobybrain is pretty much your one stop shop for everything related to anything. From music, fashion, art, pop culture or the latest viral video. The blog was started in 2002 by New York based photographer Herman Yung. Herman is usually two steps up on every other blog in his content and probably averages 10 posts a day so check in often. But don't hate me when you look up at the clock and realize that you have lost an hour of your life. @Doobybrain

Raised by Wolves is a Canadian based clothing line/blog and brain child of Peter Williams. The Ottawa based brand appears to be on the back burner which is unfortunate as the tight knit collection is pretty rad. Although I am sure Pete has his hands full editing the content you see over at Highsnobiety. The blog is pretty much random photographs that Pete comes across during his days trying to track down the next big HS post. @Petebeast


Enjoy your Wednesday. If you have any recommended reading we are always down to hear about some quality sites. Hit us up life.after.midnight@hotmail.com or @LAMBlog.