Sunday, April 11, 2010

Element's 'Make It Count' | Chad Muska

Last year Kirk Dianda put together a four-part documentary entitled 'Make It Count: The Element Story'. The feature walks through the story behind iconic skate brand Element. To accompany the documentary Element recently released a 200-page book filled to the brim with photography documenting the 20 history of the brand and some of the pivotal points along the way. The book is an collection of adverts, unreleased photos, graphics and behind the scene snapshots. During the filming of the documentary Amber B Dianda captured some great shots of some of the people that have helped secure Element as one of the most pioneers of the skate and street industry.

Along the way Amber and the film crew caught up with skate legend and artist Chad Muska in his Soho residence. I never really got into skateboarding growing up but was always fascinated by boardgraphics, pro skaters and culture surrounding the sport. I wanted to skate but co-ordination to put together anything always eluded me.

My first skate related purchase growing up was a Chad Muska patch that found its way onto a navy Fruit of the Loom hoodie that I wore until it had holes. It was a nice alternative to the comparable Shorty's hood that was about four times as much. I guess at the time I considered myself innovative. I think my fascination with The Muska started around 1998, I was 12 and a friend of mine had managed to get his hands on Shorty's Fufill The Dream. The long haired, cut off wearing Muska had a 7 minture part that killed. I mean dude skated with a ghetto blaster. I was fortunate enough to meet and chat with Chad this past Harold Hunter Day and I can honestly say this guy is one of the most down to earth dudes I have ever met. Signed autos for about an hour until every kid at the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark had his.

(via. ClubMumble)