Friday, November 6, 2009

Freshjive | Holiday 2009

Rick Klotz and his brand Freshjive are no strangers to lawsuits. In 2005 the brand was sued for copyright infringement by Stussy after utilizing the brands recognizable graffiti-style typeface.

"I had the best time defending myself, even though I lost $100,000,” he said of the Stussy affair. “Here they are suing me, and it was like, an obvious example of what I’m criticizing in this business: Everybody’s got their little different style and smoke and mirrors, but it’s basically saying to me that all those brands, it’s really all the same [stuff].” - Rick Klotz Los Angeles Downtown News.

I would not be surprised if some of the Holiday 2009 collection generates some of the same scrutiny. This time Freshjive goes after Alife, Crooks & Castles and The Hundreds through a few tshirt graphics and snapback hats. Freshjive continues to reaffirm that they are not afraid to cast stones through their controversial imagery taking notes from Old Jeezy. Just saying.

You can view Freshjive's Holiday '09 collection in its entirety over at Fresh N Good.

(via. FreshNGood)