Monday, November 30, 2009

Movember | "Beat For The Street" Alexander Spit

I must admit I was not familiar with the adaptation of November until fellow intern Shimon took it upon himself to show up to work the first week of November with a scarce arrangement of upper lip hair. Questioning him on his motives and refusal to shave for the month of November he told us about the Mo-vember campaign. The idea behind growing the mustache is simple yet effective. Start the month clean shaven and over the course of the next 30 days use the facial experiment to garner support from friends and family in the form of financial donations directed toward Prostate Cancer. The participant essentially becomes a walking billboard for the cause prompting an ongoing conversation of Prostate Cancer replacing the pink ribbon with an assortment of a world of Tom Selleck look a likes.

"The idea for Movember was sparked in 2003 over a few beers in Melbourne, Australia. The guys behind it joked about 80s fashion and decided it was time to bring the moustache back. In order to justify their Mos (Australian slang for moustache), they used their new looks to raise money for prostate cancer research… never dreaming that facial hair would ultimately lead to a global movement that would get men talking about a taboo subject – their health."

The date the event has raised over $47 million globally making it, to my knowledge, the world's largest charity event for men. Having a close familiar member pass of this form of cancer I have the utmost respect for those who are doing their part to raise awareness and funds to further research and the hunt for the cure. Shout out to all Men of Movember.

Check out Director Matt Hobbs work and the music of Alexander Spit.