Friday, November 27, 2009

GoodWood NYC | Black Jesus Piece

Sitting at the computer I can't recall a product that has been as well marketed as the recently released Good Wood NYC Jesus Piece. It seems everywhere I've looked over the last couple months this joint kept popping up. I guess founder Kerri O'Konnell knows what she is doing, setting a glowing example of product placement at its finest. The young entrepreneur did custom Jesus Pieces for some of the most influential people in the street and fashion market who in turn paid it forward with some great press.

The Brooklyn based company has managed to tap a niche market of accessory driven - balling on a budget - wood grain enthusiast. Focusing early on with two and four finger rings Good Wood has grown to include bracelets, earrings and custom pendants at a very reasonable and affordable price.

The Black Jesus Piece features a 30" black wood beaded chain with the Black finish being released today. The $65 accessory is exclusive to the Good Wood NYC online store and will be made available for only 24 hours (limit 3 per person).