Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vans | Chukka Low White Suede

Something I really despise, that I rarely let come in contact with my feet in summer are socks. The only thing worse is black socks. When summer rolls around I usually go out and purchase a mid range priced shoe that I can wear consistently - without socks. I usually look for something between $50-$60 that I can wear until they fall apart or when the stench forces me to part ways. This summer the shoe of choice was a pair of Alife Canvas allover slip-ons that I managed to pick up for $30 somewhere on Spring St. It was ideal because not only were they easy to toss on but were also easy to toss in the wash cycle every few weeks. For me versatility is important. Something that I can not only beat the crap out of but also something that is not a complete disaster for a last minute outing, something that was missing from the Alife shoe (I mean it did serve its purpose quite well but it was an allover print).
This Vans shoe makes me wish that summer was still upon us and that I could have run New York City with these. I can already picture rocking these weekly while running errands, grabbing lunch or making my way through the garment district. Something that was not only versatile but offered a little more comfort than the slip-ons.

Aside from being extremely versatile the Vans Chukka Low White Suede also offers a great price point. The off-white with contrasting black tongue the Chukka Low features the classic vulcanized outsole focusing on light weight comfort. I think I might just scoop these up and sit on them until next summer. Can you ever go wrong with making Vans your daily driver? Probably not.