Sunday, February 7, 2010

E*TRADE | Super Bowl XLIV Commercials (2010)

It seems every year that the best Super Bowl commercials come courtesy of E*Trade. This year was no exception. The E*Trade baby has become a repeated hit thanks to the creative team over at the Grey New York agency. Basically they filmed the baby sitting in a highchair before a green screen making expressions, mostly in response to his mother. She sat in an adjacent room for filming and was seen by the baby on a monitor. Added later digitally: the mouth movements of the 5-year old actor, the voice of a 30 year old.

The 5 year old has now become an app called "BabyMail". The app can send customized email video messages utilizing one of the E*Trade babies with the option to upload your own babies image into the message. Unfortunately it has the creep computer voice rather than the classic 30-year old human voiceover.

This years 30 second Super Bowl telecast spots came in at $3.01 US million.