Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodfoot | End of an Era

Sad day for boutique Canadian retail. Goodfoot who has open retail spots in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary announces that they have closed up shop to pursue new endeavors.

"To our valued customers and vendors,

It’s been our great pleasure to bring you some of the most exciting products and events the sneaker market has had to offer over the last 10 years of business. Over time we’ve seen many faces pass through our doors, and made great friends along the way. We broke ground for Canada’s retail landscape, and paved the way for those that followed. Yet, nothing lasts forever and it has come time to close.

We’ve seen our market change significantly over the last few years. And, as it has changed direction, so too have we. Thus the decision to close Goodfoot and shift our focus onto new opportunities has been made. There are many exciting projects to come in our future, and we hope that everyone who supported us at Goodfoot will continue to support us in the growth and evolution of our exciting endeavors to come.

We’d like to officially take this time to thank you for supporting Goodfoot. We’ll always remember the relationships that were built, and the unbelievable energy and loyalty our customers brought to this unique shop.

Thank you,

The Goodfoot Team


(via. Goodfoot)