Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Incase You Need a Last Minute Gift

California high end accessory company, Incase, is wrapping up one of their most successful years to date. With the success and growth of the iPod, iPhone and Macbook, sales have escalated to new heights. Incase provides innovative, visually pleasing and stylish - yet practical - protection for almost any portable high tech device on the market. From stylish luggage to classic iPod cases, Incase has captured the high end accessory market.

Formed around a "relentless commitment to design" and focus on - simplicity, efficiency, and agility - Incase continues to rise above convention and the competition.

This year we witnessed some of the most creative solutions as Incase partnered with Paul Rodriguez for a luggage line, DC shoes for a complex backpack, Undefeated for a gym bag and Kaws for a laptop case.
And there is no doubt that next year will be even bigger.