Monday, December 29, 2008

Does Diamond Sleep?

Looks like Diamond is at it again. Hate him or love him Nick has the golden touch. The Diamond Holiday Release Part II goes up 12 p.m. tomorrow (here). The release features the Ace Trucks Masters of Metal tee, SF Seals tee, Diamond4Life tee, and the DMND hood. Also hitting the shop will be the Angelina Jolie Diamond Eyes tee which I think will be the equivalent to the 2007 Cold as Ice tee in terms of sought after piece.

Does it not seem that every company under the sun is dropping vowels for the sake of sales...You have this Diamond piece which came after Stpl, RSWD, CNCPTS, UNDFTD (ok a "U"). I mean the RSWD was pretty dirty. I did name it as one of the best fitteds of this past year but it just seems like its a cop out to replace a quality design like the Diamond Eyes tee. Don't get me wrong Nick runs a talent company no question but it seems like one or two pieces got all the attention. Maybe it is just me...chew on it.