Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Hiatus

When the first few frozen flakes descend upon Winnipeg you can almost hear the hurt and heartache. Exit the lazy summers days, cruising the lake with friends and fam and enter the excruciating harsh tundra.

The one bright spot that stems from the unsympathetic callous winters is my friend the snowmobile. An object that for that hour or two makes you feel a snuffle of joy. This year those were the intentions once again. But things don’t always go as planned so I learned. One broken garage door, one broken belt, one crashed sled and one insurance claim capped off our winter cabin retreat with the reassuring words echoing “it could have been worse” as we drove away.

There were two good things that stemmed from the sled wrecking on the tree that involved coming up with new ways to pass the time. Enter the creative genius that is Andrew Moxam. Though not given a proper name, Mox puts a twist on America’s favorite pastime: Poker. All you need are willing participants and a deck of cards, no chips required. The starting bid is tossed out (i.e. eat four cherry tomatoes dipped in humus) the action is check around or a raise is made (i.e. I see your four cherry tomatoes and I raise you a bare butt in snow for 15 seconds) you then can either fold or call. This continues until someone wins the hand, if you called the tomatoes but folded the butt you still have to partake in the eating of the tomatoes. After 10 hands here are a couple of the highlights.

The second required less creativity but a good finger work out. Alex and Mox learned the hard way that Steve Nash does not miss threes and Shaq is useless.