Friday, May 22, 2009

First Week In The Bag

First week of the 6 month internship at 3sixteen is in the bag. You know it is going well when you never have to check the clock to see the time and they invite you back the following week. Got my set of keys to the office so I usually roll into work just before 10 which is nice. Open the gate and spend the first hour or so doing "required reading" which translates to rolling through Vienna checking the blogs. This week I spent time learning how to put together lines sheets, learned what was required for a tech pack, was a fitting model, had some great local cuisine (cheap), met a lot of couple rad people like Chace Infinite (Soul Assassins), Nico and Ray (Reed Space), Poe from Freshness, Hyden Yoo and I am about 90% sure that Fabulous almost hit me with his Bentley yesterday on my walk home. 

Did some work on NHTVSN (NightVision) stuff which is a t-shirt based clothing line that Andrew and Johan did for a minute. Thinking about reviving it so that's pretty cool. Their tee line is really strong. Capped off the week with a pick up ball game at Sara D Roosevelt Park, which apparently is going to be a weekly thing. Good thing I drained a couple shots because I was running the court in a pair of Converse Weapons.

Until next week.