Friday, May 8, 2009

STPL x Airwalk x Star Trek

The shoe itself turned out pretty darn nice. Airwalk as a footwear brand never really struck me. The brand has a strong history rooted, like most skate footwear companies, in skate and surf. The brand surfaced the year I was born, 1986, by Bill Mann, George Yohn and Jess Lagund. At one point sponsoring Jason Lee and Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk invented the Airwalk (trick) three years prior in 1983.

In January 2004 Airwalk was purchased by Collective Licensing International who also acquired Vision Streetwear, Sims, Lamar, and LTD. However in March of 2007 CLI was acquired by Collective Brands Inc. owners of Payless and Stride Rite shoe stores. In my eyes capping of the demise of Airwalk.

The shoe itself turned out really nice. Jeff definitely knows how to revive brands that have lost their credibility like Starter and Airwalk. I feel like Jeff undertakes projects that a lot of people may overlook just to challenge himself. Jeff goal was to bring "design sensibilities to a different audience" and mentions that it is time "someone brings that street-skate-design mentality to the masses". I do believe that everyone should be able to afford a cost effective quality product that has design and athestics in mind but does that mentality of bringing "street-skate-design to the masses" cheapen and exploit streetwear at its core?

I may be completely off with this comment...Jeff Ng is really one of the most influential designers in the streetwear and design industry and one of my role models and at the end of the day the shoe looks great and if you are a Trekkie fan I am sure this will be a hot commodity. I myself won't be getting in line at Payless to cop a pair but that's just me.

(via. ToDarrinHudson)