Friday, May 1, 2009

MGM Grand

So the blog has been hurting this week due to the outrageous Internet fees at the MGM.  So thanks for baring with it.  A few of us took off to spend a week in the money pit state.  We are staying at the MGM which is insanely busy with prep for the big Manny Pacquiao / Ricky Hatton fight tomorrow.  Celeb central.  DJ AM and Travis Barker are here as is Dana White (President of UFC), Nick Cannon and Mariah (not that anyone cares) and Oscar De La Hoya.  If you're in town you can find us at the horse racing relic quarter machine at the MGM.  Spend a quarter every 45 seconds and drink for free.  Good luck getting a spot.  It might be the best kept secret in Vegas.