Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Man

Eventful pretty much sums up my travels today. I was awoke by a  phone call this morning at 7:15 where an automated message informed me that my flight was cancelled and that I was now booked on a different flight. No big deal. Get to customs, informed that I cannot enter into the United States for an internship without a J-1 form. A J-what? Detained for 40 minutes while I am grilled with questions about internship, New York and rent. One officer agrees to let me through customs with a warning while one looks pissed off at this other guys decision.  They re-open security for me to go through but I am given the pat, wand and whatever machine test they give peoples laptops. Digital terrorism is the worst. Plane out of Winnipeg delayed.  Thank goodness I catch it.  Screwed to make connection.  Make Minneapolis with 20 minutes to change terminals and catch JFK flight.  JFK flight delayed an hour.  Makes flight an hour late already and due to fog at JFK we sit, engines off on the runway for 45 minutes to find out if we will be able to beat the bottleneck traffic and fog in New York. Gives me time to catch up on my American Gangster/Frank Lucas/New York knowledge. Picked up by my new boss Andrew. Welcome to New York...My man.