Sunday, May 31, 2009

REED Pages

Jeff Ng and the Staple team are embarking on print publication in the form of Reed Pages.

"I think when you get a chance to peep Reed Pages, you'll find it's not what you might expect from a publication that a "street culture shop" puts out. Reed Pages is at the forefront of contemporary culture, art and design. It is dedicated to delivering inspirational, informative and authentic content. It brings together the new and the reinvented, the homegrown and the foreign, and the independents and the conglomerates." 

"Whether it be visual, experiential, commercial or conceptual, the features are selected for their contributions and impact felt around the world. From cover to cover, Reed Pages influences its readers to learn, interact, create and be an active participant of the contemporary lifestyle. There are no small stories in Reed Pages, thus the features are organized alphabetically. Every subject, every place and every single thing is given equal prominence. Everything we cover inspires us in some way, and we aim to share this inspiration with our readers." 

Beginning nest week the print publication will be available at Reed Space.  The magazine will retail for $12 USD and will consist of four publications annually. You can browse the first issue online

(via. ToDarrinHudson)