Saturday, May 30, 2009

Married to the MOB "Lost Summer" Collection 2009

In a male driven streetwear industry it is refreshing to see Leah McSweeny and MOB crew holding it down. Here are a few highlights from the Married to the MOB Summer 2009 Collection. The line continues to expand and teeters on the cusp of a full lineup. The MOB summer line-up consists of tank dresses, rompers, skirts, shorts, denim, bikinis and accessories. Graphic tees continue to be the focal point for us, likely due to bold and colorful prints and slogans.

The 2009 look book was shot by photographer David 'Shadi' Perez and features Leah's younger sister Sarah. “I wanted to create a collection that was nostalgic of the summer that totally turned me into a bad girl. First kiss, first joint, first 40 ounce. Might sound silly but it changed my life. Every girl had that summer. If they didn’t then they missed out.” ~ Leah McSweeney. 

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