Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dee & Ricky - Entrepreneurship at its Finest

You have to respect the hustle and creativity of Dee & Ricky identical twins from Staten Island. The guys epitomize what it means to be an entrepreneur. Dee & Ricky, aside from making up two thirds of the rap/dance group Jackson Swinton, are two of the most successful young accessory designers in New York City. The two have utilized everyone favourite childhood pastime to create an unprecedented array of belts and brooches. The material of choice - lego. The two utilize the building blocks to create 'high end' and relatively expensive pieces including a heart brooch and cigarette brooch that retail anywhere from $75 - $100+. To think that the cost on one of these things is probably around $1. The best part is they know it...when Personna asked them "What can you both say about the person who you think buys and wears your products?" they responded "You're F*ing crazy for paying that much!!!" But it definitely doesn't hurt your business when you have celebrities like Kanye, Rihanna, Chad Muska, TK, Methodman, Antwan Dixon, Shay, Cudi and Marc Jacobs wearing your pieces. One might say it was Marc Jacobs who gave them their big break. The twins ran into Jason Preston who after seeing the accessory on the twins called up friend Marc Jacobs who a few days later was featuring the twins pieces in his Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week Runway show.

Check out the Dee & Ricky site to cop some summer pieces. Also if you really dig the gear the line is currently 20% off at Karmaloop.

(Sorry I jacked this photo from somewhere but no clue where...kudos to the photographer)