Sunday, June 28, 2009

Piven Update: The Goods - Live Hard, Sell Hard

So I saw Piven at the BET Awards tonight. Hard not to see him as I think he was the only white person in the house. Kind of a Where's Waldo type thing. Made me think that I haven't done a Piven Update in a while - not since the whole mercury fish poisoning Broadway dilemma.

Anyways Jeremy Piven stars in, what is sure to be a box office snoozer and disappointment, 'The Goods'. The only thing that might save this movie is the fact that Piven basically does the same Ari Gold character. The premise of the movie is that Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) - used car liquidator - is hired by a failing auto dealership to turn their 4th of July sale into a extremely profitable event.I'm a fan of Piven and his at times arrogant and cocky demeanor but I don't see this movie grossing any money.