Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Wet 63 Boat by Vizualtech

From time to time our eyes are drawn to the automotive industry often in the form of concept vehicles. We tend not to blog these as it is a stretch from our primary focus of the blog however sometimes these designs are to stunning to leave unmentioned. Here is yet another off topic example.

This is a concept by Bo Zolland and the team at Vizualtech in Sweden. This boat design is based on the classic lines of the 1963 Stingray Corvette. This stunning boat concept and rendering was featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Boating World where it got a lot of media attention. The boat features the classic split rear window T-top design and tapering roof line capped off with gull wing doors. It appears to seat five with a swim platform extending from the rear. The visible engine sets this design off as you are sure to be the talk of the lake. Not sure if this will ever be produced. Highly doubtful but I'd be the first in line, behind Pharrell, if I had the cake.

(via. BBC/BoatingWorld)