Thursday, August 13, 2009

Markisa Signature Pocket Wear

Markisa is attempting to take a strangle hold on the men's high end accessory market. The brand is a new signature wallet and accessory company based out of Los Angeles, California. Though the collection, as of right now, is focused on men's pocket wear (wallets) the brand is expanding to include apparel, bags and further accessories in the very near future. The brand is backed by three highly respected members of the skate industry: Jason Wakuzawa, Nigel Alexander and Paul Rodriguez. The brand has furthered its reach into the skate community by adding Paul Rodriguez, Terry Kennedy, Torey Pudwill, Chaz Ortiz and Nike SB Amateur Theotis Beasley to the Markisa roster.

"Markisa is all about style & function. Slim unique designs that fit comfortably. With our dedicated team, and quality products, we strive only for the best. Our products are made with the highest grade materials, sewn to perfection, and we are always thinking of new ideas with innovative features. Markisa was Created & designed by like minded individuals that wanted to add something new to your everyday lifestyle. All Worlds United. We Are Markisa!"

I am unsure on the price point but I would venture to suggest that this will be an intro level to high end men's accessory market. Wallets will hit select retailers in September but to my knowledge in available now at Primitive in LA.

(via. Markisa)