Friday, August 21, 2009

Converse One | Orchard St. New York

Walking to work every morning I have the pleasure of strolling Orchard Street. I start at Grand and Orchard passing Guss' Pickles and the Staple Design Studio, the next block I pass Earnest Sewn, Amoskeag and the Orchard Tenement Museum. The block before Reed Space, Shut Skateboards and Self Edge is a waste land of cookie cutter leather jacket, knockoff sunglass and essentially Michael Jackson tribute tee shirt shops. All the store owners are on the street hoping to get you into the store to purchase a leather body bag - in this summer heat.

I was walking the block today and I passed this window display that looked a little displaced due to the lack of side walk tables. Looks like Converse will be opening a Converse One studio on the block between Delancey and Rivington. Converse One is similar to Nike I.D. Studios so to speak. Converse Studios allow their patrons to come in pick a shoe and ultimately become the designer picking custom fabric prints, laces etc. You can currently do this online here but now it appears Converse connisseurs can have a heighten experience by coming into the store on Orchard. No word on when it is opening but build out is underway.