Saturday, August 22, 2009

10.Deep Fall 2009 Delivery 1 | Proud To Be A Problem

The 10.Deep Fall Collection celebrates the underdog story, problem child, and social outsiders. The line is nothing less then what we have come to expect from the 10.Deep camp. From bold graphics to striking plaid shirts The Tenth Division continues to produce, in my opinion, some of the finest street clothing on the market. 10.Deep has done a very good job of creating a buzz around the fall lineup. Early last week they hit the trail and covered New York in wheatpaste posters announcing fall, Thursday was the 10.Deep x Donnis Mixtape event and the steady stream of promotional videos for Donnis and the Fall line continues to make the circuit around the web. Next week the crew heads to Vegas to show at Capsule. Mash is on crack for giving this a 4/10.

(via. Mash/10.Deep)