Monday, August 24, 2009

No Party Like A Girl Talk Party | Williamsburg Jelly NYC Pool Party

It was a good week for music. Thursday my weekend was jump started at the 10.Deep x Donnis mixtape launch party and this past Sunday I headed to Williamsburg East River Waterfront Park to check out one of the few remaining free summer concerts of the Jelly NYC Pool Parties series. Yesterday featured sets by Max Tundra, an English singer and music producer who plays every instrument that you can hang around your neck or blow into. Max was followed up Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa who not only has one of the best chains in the game and a million dollar smile but also tracks to back. Wiz's set exceed my expectations and I am sure it won't be long until he is a house hold name.

By the time Girl Talk took the stage this was the scene, about 8,500 deep. Outside the grounds a lineup spanned a few blocks as the event was over capacity. So much so that the show stopped about 40 minutes in to repair the broken stage.
I remember seeing Girl Talk in Winnipeg at some grimmy spot a few years ago and I thought it was crazy. Dude has a ton of contagious energy and you can't help but have a good time...unless you are security.

The one bright side to getting to the concert early, aside from a good spot, is chatting it up with the headliner prior to a legendary performance. Didn't want to bust out the camera and be that guy who draws attention but thanks to this dude the moment is forever frozen in time. Gregg must be doing something right dawning Jordan III's.