Thursday, August 27, 2009

DQM x Oakley | Frogskins

In late 2007 Oakley announced that they were going to resurrect, in very limited numbers, the popular 80's Frogskin frame. Oakley has had tremendous success with the decision and have partnered with some of the industries leaders to release limited runs. Some of the highlights that have caught our eyes have been most recently in the form of the Primitive collaboration and this DQM gem. Dave most definitely knows how to conceptualize. I spoke with Rhett Taylor over at Oakley to discuss the frame.

"Dave’s Quality Meats and Oakley have come together for what is perhaps the craziest and most iconic pair of Frogskins to date with their “Bacon” inspired sunglasses. DQM, a fashion boutique located in New York City’s trendy Lower East side, has been a huge Oakley supporter over the years. The collaborative efforts finally came to fruition with the help of Oakley Rep Joe Mata, Dave Ortiz of DQM and the Oakley team. Dave’s vision of the shade is truly captured in this one of a kind limited edition piece. The entire frame features a streaky bacon-esque design complete with matching micro bag both branded with the DQM logo. The Fire Iridium Lens sets off the frame perfect making it the complete package. The Frogskins hit DQM on Tuesday this past week with a limited run of 50 pairs"

The DQM is in the process of revamping the website so if you are hoping to get your hands on a pair (if not already sold out) you will have to make your way down to 7 East 3rd St or try your luck placing a phone order at 212.505.7551.

(via. Oakley/Rhett Taylor)